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  • Hi, everyone.

  • I'm Jeannie and I'm Rico.

  • During this trying time, Rico and I have been so inspired by such incredible stories of kindness and humanity, this is hearts out a lot and one of these incredible stories in Stephanie's she is a barista at a local coffee shop who has made it her mission to help keep local businesses in her community stay afloat.

  • Let's meet her now.

  • Go T o so nice to meet you too.

  • So seconding we have heard you've been raising money for local businesses in a really unique way.

  • How have you been doing it?

  • So every day I pick business and we do a raffle and this old on locally on a Facebook page that's designated just for are coming today.

  • People want to participate in that specific raffle taken Venmo meet for a chance to win the $25 gift card, write down all the names on the raffles and then we go on Facebook live and we pick out the winners.

  • And if you win, you picked a gift card up.

  • We raised over $36,000 for over 60 businesses so far.

  • Unbelievable.

  • What I love so much is that with what you've set up, everyone's a winner.

  • The people that are donating to try to win the rappel are supporting a local business.

  • If you win the rabble, you win the raffle.

  • How many names do you write on average each time for the raffle?

  • The lowest we've ever done is about 40 and the most we've ever done was about 1300.

  • You wrote 1300 names on a little piece of paper.

  • You are helping local businesses Europe, Arista and you have sent in Children.

  • That's how do you find the time to exist?

  • Little to no sleep.

  • I would have to imagine that seven kids That would have to be quite difficult.

  • Financially.

  • My husband works to the Empty A.

  • He's a New York City Transit bus driver.

  • I was a stay at home mom for about 12 years.

  • Up until last August.

  • We live paycheck to paycheck amongst all of the things that you do.

  • You know what pushes you to really reach out and help and think about others?

  • You just have to be nice to people.

  • If you give back and you're nice to people, it always comes tenfold back your impact on your community has not gone unnoticed because I heard that they got together and they created a video for you.

  • What did that feel like?

  • Realizing how many businesses and people you've impacted.

  • You know what?

  • It was such a overwhelming emotion.

  • Just like I didn't want to take anything like I was doing this to get back to my community.

  • I wasn't doing it for someone to say, Hey, great job.

  • Now here's something back.

  • But I have to say it wasn't just me.

  • It was our community.

  • We came together.

  • There is actually one clip that was missing from the video that the community made for you.

  • So let's watch a back real quick.

  • Let's watch a fast.

  • Really.

  • Ellen heard about all the amazing things that you are doing for your community and that my friend, is for you.

  • Thank you guys so much.

  • That's that's gonna help our family out so much.

  • You guys have no idea Ellen showed us so much kindness is well, it's so amazing to be on the other side now, you know, being able to just help in in love for someone who thought that her hard work really meant nothing.

  • And yet here I am.

  • It's such a blessing.

  • Stephanie, you've been talking about these seven kids way.

  • You are adorable.

  • Thank you so much, Stephanie, For joining us and sharing your story with us.

  • And I will see you next time.

Hi, everyone.


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