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  • I want to thank Scotch Brand for sponsoring

  • our 12 Days of Giveaways.

  • When I heard--


  • --Scotch Brand was sponsoring, I know it.

  • I am very, very excited about that.

  • When I heard that they were sponsoring, I was excited.

  • I was confused.

  • I thought it was the alcohol.

  • And-- but still, I love Scotch Brand.

  • They are the go-to brand for all your gift-wrapping needs.

  • And they're giving my viewers a chance to win $20,000

  • and be a part of our new crafting show on Ellentube.

  • Just upload a video showing off your gift-wrapping skills.

  • We got our first submission.

  • You know, and sometimes the first submission is the best.

  • Sometimes-- So if this is--

  • this is the case, our contest is over.

  • Let's take a look.

  • (SINGING) I'm a wrapper.

  • A gift-wrapper.

  • I'm wrapping gifts for The Ellen Show.

  • Show Scotch Brands some of the things I know,

  • because I'm a wrapper.

  • A gift-wrapper.

  • OK.


  • It's not over.

  • So we still--

  • [LAUGHS]

  • Go to Ellentube and upload your video today.

I want to thank Scotch Brand for sponsoring


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艾倫尋找最有天賦的包裝師還在進行中! (Ellen's Search for the Most Gifted Wrapper Is Still On!)

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