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  • I should have mentioned this before the show.

  • I didn't see you.

  • Um.

  • I'm sorry.

  • I got busy and I didn't have a chance to tell you.

  • But this was in the contract.

  • Stay on the dot or else you're going to fall off.

  • Why is this happening?

  • It's not-- it's the Klondike request.

  • I didn't do it.

  • Give me your glasses.

  • Please.

  • You can't let this air.

  • I have to let it air.

  • It's in the contract.

  • Klondike-- I'm not going to say no to Klondike.

  • I mean--

  • Listen--

  • There's no end to this torture.

  • They also requested-- and this is in the contract--

  • that you hold this out.

  • My God.

  • Put this out also.

  • In your other hand.

  • Can you see me?

  • How long does this have to happen for?

  • The whole show.

  • Like that.

  • No.

  • Straight out.

I should have mentioned this before the show.


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一般的安迪會為克朗代克酒吧做什麼? (What Would Average Andy Do for a Klondike Bar?)

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