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  • So anyway, another big movie is out, "Hustlers."

  • My friend J.Lo is amazing in it.

  • Did you see "Hustlers?"

  • Amazing.

  • She was doing an interview about the movie.

  • And she finally revealed the inspiration

  • behind the famous green dress.

  • And finally, she gave credit where credit is due.

  • All right.

  • Let's talk about the dress.

  • At the time of the Grammys in 2000,

  • I was obviously nominated for a Grammy

  • and I was getting ready to go.

  • My stylist at the time tried on the green one

  • and then I'm looking, and I'm like, OK.

  • Are you wearing this tonight?

  • And that's the dress.

  • That is the dress.

  • That's what you're wearing.

  • That was the moment that I was like,

  • this is what we're going to wear.

  • It's sexy.



  • I'm hilarious.

So anyway, another big movie is out, "Hustlers."


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J.Lo終於曝光了著名的綠色禮服背後的真正靈感。 (J.Lo Finally Exposes the Real Inspiration Behind Famous Green Dress)

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