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  • I've said it before and I'll say it again--

  • I love Leo DiCaprio.

  • He is one of the most generous people I know.

  • He always steps up to help others when they need him most.

  • Right now, millions of people don't know where

  • their next meal will come from.

  • Children rely on school lunch programs--

  • low income families, and people who are just

  • out of work and need help, which is why Leo

  • co-founded America's Food Fund.

  • His organization is working with World Central Kitchen

  • and Feeding America to provide meals

  • to those who need it during these difficult times.

  • I've partnered with Shutterfly for eight years

  • and they love supporting organizations in need.

  • Whenever I ask them to help me with a story,

  • they always say yes.

  • And today, they're donating $25,000 to America's Food Fund.

  • Go to our website to find out how you can also donate.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • Stay safe.

  • Be kind to one another.

I've said it before and I'll say it again--


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捐贈給萊昂納多-迪卡普里奧的美國食品基金。 (Give to Leonardo DiCaprio’s America’s Food Fund)

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