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  • A lot of people are abiding by what

  • we're supposed to be doing, which is wearing a mask when

  • we go out in public.

  • And most people are doing it and most people are good at it.

  • Some people are getting pretty creative.

  • These are some people that we've gotten pictures of that I'd

  • like to share with you.

  • Here's a man grocery shopping with a snorkel.

  • This is what he came up with.

  • He's obviously looking for the seafood section,

  • don't you think?

  • Oh, seafood, snorkel, that's a good one, Ellen.

  • Thank you.

  • You're welcome.

  • Here's another guy at a grocery store.

  • Wow.

  • The crazy part is, he already owned that outfit.


  • I mean, really.

  • And we have no idea-- that could be Brad Pitt.

  • Let's assume that's Brad Pitt under there.

  • Hey, Brad!

  • And here's a couple of--

  • look at these people.

  • They have--

  • What did they do?

  • Well, they're in armor like they're knights.

  • Wow, that's effective.

  • Well if they don't work for Medieval Times,

  • I have a lot of questions.

  • Why have the armor?

  • Exactly.

  • Here's a woman at an airport.

  • Once she puts that hat on, it's going to complete the look.


  • All right, this person put a Halloween costume to good use.

  • I assume it's a Halloween costume.

  • I know it looks silly, but I had to go shopping.

  • Here's someone getting on a subway.

  • It looks like a villain in a horror

  • movie that just won't die.

  • And then finally, here's one.

  • Someone said that's a great way to keep away the virus.

  • And she said, what virus?


  • That's just what she wears.

  • If there is a quarantine fashion that you think I should see,

  • please send it to me.

A lot of people are abiding by what


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在公共場合善用你的萬聖節服裝 (Put Your Halloween Costume to Good Use in Public)

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