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  • everyone at home.

  • I'm Sam Fisher.

  • I hope you guys saying safe and healthy, Ellen, Thank you.

  • So so much for having us.

  • It means the entire world.

  • I wish we could do this in person, but until then, stay healthy And this is my song.

  • I've been seen lowly big crowd cover Note her bangs with two.

  • It's so little about smokescreens and cigarettes looking through low lying to Salou it.

  • But all I say is only people.

  • The city's gonna break my, uh, cities going, loving, living alone The city's got me chasing It's been a couple months into fella come home and my getting Because no well, be, um the city's gonna break my, uh, She's always gonna break.

  • Uh, I remember morning, Zama A Didn't I Remember nights when I didn't feel like wakes up in noon And she's out to the tea leaves a perfume Oh, over May.

  • But I remember morning, Trevor City's gonna break my sitio Oh, this city's got changed in the It's been a month since Booth.

  • He's gonna break my She's always gonna break uh, Got a hold on me, See?

everyone at home.


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薩姆-菲舍爾表演《這個城市 (Sam Fischer Performs 'This City')

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