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  • Hey, I have to tell you something first.

  • So I'm going to talk about phones.

  • But I'm not get-- you're not getting a phone.

  • So don't like--


  • Oh, she's talking about phones.

  • We're going to get a phone.

  • You're not getting a phone.


  • But Apple announced the new iPhone at their big keynote

  • event yesterday.

  • Their keynote event is kind of like a TED talk, but instead of

  • teaching you how to better yourself,

  • they teach you how to spend $1,000.


  • And instead of TED, it's Tim.

  • You know Tim Cook, right?

  • Tim Cook's Siri's husband.


  • I think so.

  • I don't know.

  • Yesterday Apple announced their iPhone 11.

  • And obviously, we all know how to count.

  • It's 7, 8, X, 11.

  • It goes like that.

  • So you can either run out and buy it,

  • or you can tape an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 6

  • together and make an 11.


  • That's what I'm going to do.

  • Plus it has improved battery and now lasts four hours longer,

  • like the Today Show.


  • So they announced-- [LAUGHS] It's long.

  • The Today Show is really creeping into my hour.


  • It's like--

  • The iPhone 11 Pro--

  • that's what they're calling it.

  • It has three cameras.

  • And now Kim Kardashian never is going to leave the house.


  • | hardly even a phone anymore.

  • Now it's more of a camera.

  • I don't even know if you can make calls on it.

  • It's really just a phone--

  • it's just a camera.

  • The most popular new feature of the iPhone 11

  • has a wide angle lens to take wider photos,

  • and it can take slow motion selfies.

  • So just like us, the phones will be now wider and slower.



  • We love when you insult us, Ellen.

  • Yes, we're all wider and slower.


  • The new phone sounds great, but there are still

  • some other changes I'd like to see.

  • I want to see like when you have those three dots

  • and then they disappear, I want them to show you what

  • the person was going to say.


  • That's what I want.

  • Because you know, you're like, no, they changed their mind,

  • and they're--

Hey, I have to tell you something first.


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艾倫在蘋果Keynote上發表了自己的主題演講。 (Ellen Gives Her Own Keynote on the Apple Keynote)

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