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Happy "Satur-kay," y'all.
Now listen, Halloween is right around the corner,
and it's arts and crafts time for the little terrors
in school.
So I thought I wanted to join in on the festivities.
So today, I will be decorating some Halloween themed cookies
but with a twist.
I'll be shown three pictures that I
will need to recreate onto these cookies here in 5 minutes.
So buckle up y'all because it's about to be a spooky ride.
It's time for Kalen versus the clock.
All right, tell me what I will be creating today.
Ooh, a little ghost-y.
OK, I can make a little Casper.
That works.
Oh, we love a good jack-ó-lantern.
That's cute.
Oh, now that's a little hard.
How am I gonna do this in 5 minutes?
And start.
Thank you.
OK, I think I'll do the outline of the eyes and the mouth
OK, so let me do the eye.
I think one eye's bigger than the other.
This ain't coming out.
Oh, there it goes.
Ooh, this is kind of hard.
Ooh, I'm messing it up already.
Four minutes.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5-- he's got four tentacles.
Four-- I said there was 5, right?
He got four tentacles.
Five-- boom.
OK, then I got to come up, and then we got another hand here.
How many fingers does he got?
OK, because he's a ghost.
He lost a finger when he died.
OK, what is-- oh, oh, oh, god.
Stop the time.
Stop time.
Stop time.
OK, so now I'm going to fill in the ghost,
and we're gonna start the clock after I finish that.
Am I cheating?
Yes, but that's fine.
Mind your business.
I'm not very good at this.
Let's start the clock again.
I'm gonna move on to jack-ó-lantern.
Oh, you started it over.
Well, hey, that's more time for me.
I'm gonna just go, OK?
Here we go.
Now let me make the eye.
OK, I never liked making jack-ó-lanterns.
It was too much work.
Especially when they get some real bougie ones that had
like all the faces and stuff.
And then you had to put the paper on there,
and poke the holes, and then cut it.
That's too much work, baby.
I ain't got time for all that.
OK, he only got one tooth at the top.
He should've went to the dentist more.
Maybe I do need to go on Food Network--
you know, a little Food Network challenge.
OK, what time?
OK, I'm good.
Maybe you should talk about how much time has already passed?
What do you mean, what time has already passed?
Like, it's been 5 minutes already.
No, it hasn't been 5 minutes already.
That says 3 minutes and 0 seconds.
I have plenty of time.
I have plenty of time.
I don't know what clock you was looking at.
Look at this.
I told y'all I could do this in 5 minutes.
OK, now I'm gonna do one straight down the middle.
There we go.
Oh, oh, I almost forgot the top.
I need the stem.
Oh, that's how you do the filling in.
I figured it out, y'all.
But I ain't got time to be doing that now.
So I'm gonna go do this last one.
OK, what's this one?
The Frankenstein one-- great.
Frankenstein-- here we go.
He got a big head.
OK, start there- oh, let me get this orange off of here.
2 minutes.
Ooh, them some strong eyebrow bones.
OK, great.
Now, I got to give him his cheekbones-- boom.
He's got very strong cheekbones.
1 minute.
Wow, I made his chin way too small, way too small.
But it's OK.
You know who he is.
OK, now I need to put the bolts on his chin.
Boom, boom, boom.
OK, now here again.
What's my time?
What's my time?
Oh, Jesus.
30 seconds!
Let me put his eyes.
Those are the most important.
OK, so boom.
I may be able to finish this, y'all.
How much time?
22 seconds.
22 seconds.
22 seconds, y'all.
22 seconds.
OK, there goes the eyeball.
There goes the eyeball.
There goes the eyeball.
There goes the eyeball.
OK, we need a mouth.
We need a mouth.
We need a mouth.
OK, here comes my mouth.
Here comes my mouth.
Boom, boom, boom.
Oh, shoot.
Nose and green.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
I really ruined it.
All right, now time for the final reveal.
All right, are you ready to see my masterpiece?
Here it comes.
Casper, the ghost.
And the squiggly is because I didn't know how to fill it in.
But you get the point.
You know, it shows that he is transparent.
That's why I chose to do the squiggly.
It's specificity that's important.
I'm all about details over here.
Yeah, I know.
That kind of blew your mind, didn't it?
Next, the jack-ó-lantern.
This is good.
I can sell this at a bakery, you know?
And now for our final.
You know, Frankenstein wasn't perfect,
and neither is this one.
Something happened here.
I think he had to sneeze, and this was the end product.
But on the plus side, the frosting's good.
I was hoping these cookies would turn out a little bit more
But thanks y'all for tuning in, and may this Halloween be
your sweetest one yet.


‘OMKalen’: Kalen, 3 Cookies, 5 Minutes

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 7 月 3 日
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