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  • I'm feeling extra honored today.

  • You know, not only is Ellen letting me host her show,

  • she's letting me host on day five of Cat Week.

  • (SINGING) They're so damn cute.

  • They've got nine lives.

  • They even have a theme song from Maroon 5.

  • Cat Week's here.

  • And it's the chance cheer meow, meow, meow.

  • Come on, when I say me, you say ow.

  • Me, ow, me, ow.

  • Meow, meow, meow.

  • Oh, man.

  • That's awesome because this is the place that I work.

  • This is amazing.

  • All right, Cat Week is brought to you by faucets.

  • Why drink out of your bowl when you can just

  • drink out the faucet?

  • That's good.

  • Hi, Ellen.

  • Hi, Ellen.

  • This is how I drink my boxed wine.

  • Hey, y'all.

  • Well obviously, I'm not Ellen.

  • Come on, Gina.

  • You know that's-- he's here all the time.

  • It's Tweetch, because he tweetches like this.

  • He does this.

  • That's not it, either.

  • Well, this is Gina and Gino, our Cat Week spokes models.

  • [APPLAUSE] So can you--

  • yeah, we can clap on that.

  • That's fine.

  • We can clap on that.

  • Now, can you please tell them about our other sponsor,

  • Cat's Pride Cat Litter?

  • Sure, Ellen.

  • Sure, Tweetch.

  • This one?

  • For every green jug of Cat's Pride Litter

  • you buy, they donate a pound of little to shelters in need.

  • And because it's Cat Week, they're

  • upping their donation to two pounds of litter

  • for every green jug purchased.

  • You tell them Gino sent ya.

  • Hey, wow.

  • OK, all right.

  • Thank y'all so much.

  • I think we've got it from here.

  • Hey, you're not Ellen.

  • Yeah.

  • You can go now, Gina.

  • Just please leave, OK?

  • All right.

I'm feeling extra honored today.


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吉娜和吉諾的代言人在貓周的最後一天感到困惑。 (Spokesmodels Gina & Gino Get Confused on Last Day of Cat Week)

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