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  • This is everyday grammar.

  • I'm Rossiya and I'm copy.

  • You see a Do you remember our last episode on Wishes About the future?

  • Yeah, What about it?

  • Well, this episode is about wishes in the present and the past.

  • Oh, I wish that I had prepared more theburbs Wish has men uses.

  • But the main use is when the speaker wants reality to be different.

  • When you were talking about regrets about the past, you can use wish with the past perfect wish.

  • Plus that plus past perfect.

  • You can leave out the word that if you want to I wish that I had studied harder at school.

  • I wish that Sam had come with me on the trip.

  • I wish you hadn't told me how the film ends to us.

  • Wish about the present.

  • You can use the simple past.

  • I wish I knew a second language.

  • I wish I lived in Paris.

  • I wish it wasn't so cold.

  • But before we go, it's important to remember one thing from all the men and uses of wish informal speaking and writing.

  • You used the subjunctive form were not Waas after wish.

  • So you wouldn't say I wish I was taller but I wish I were taller.

This is everyday grammar.


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日常文法: Wish (過去/現在) (Everyday Grammar: Wish (Past/Present))

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