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  • Hello.

  • What do you guys looking at?

  • I'm showing Ashley pictures of my girlfriend way have so much in common, even small things.

  • She can't whistle and I can't either.

  • On here's a picture of my boyfriend.

  • My family is big and so is Hiss.

  • I don't like ball sports and he doesn't either were made for each other.

  • And so our way, uh, you have found perfect partners And, uh so A, by Heat and Ashley are talking about people they love.

  • They are putting two ideas together with connectors.

  • Let's start with these two sentences.

  • She can't whistle.

  • He can't whistle.

  • How do you put them together?

  • Pete says she can't whistle, and I can't either.

  • You can see we just add the conjunction either and take away the verb whistle.

  • And Ashley says, I don't like ball sports.

  • And he doesn't either.

  • Keep looking for connectors.

  • You met someone on a That's great.

  • What's his name?

  • His name.

  • His name is, uh, Buster Car Turn ball stir car turn.

  • It's just Buster Carter.

  • Ashley.

  • I like him and he likes me.

  • Were a great couple.

  • Hey, what's what's all?

  • Get dinner tonight.

  • Together you could bring Buster Yeah.

  • I can't wait to meet him.

  • Thanks, Ashleigh, but he's really busy tonight with his, uh, squirrel collection by guys gotta go Squirrel collection.

  • You know, she made all that up.

  • That's so sad.

  • She needs to meet someone.

  • Hey, do you know anyone?

  • Who?

  • She?

  • Ana.

  • Ana.

  • You lied.

  • You lied.

  • Now they think you have a boyfriend with a squirrel collection squirrel.

  • Well, you need to tell them the truth.

  • You don't have a boyfriend.

  • Excuse me.

  • Is this seat taken?

  • Ashley, Pete, I need to talk to you.

  • This morning I lied.

  • Let me guess.

  • There's no Buster.

  • Carter.

  • What a surprise.

  • I'm sorry.

  • But later I really did meet someone.

  • And we have a lot in common.

  • He is good at flying kites, and so am I.

  • He likes to read comics, and so do I.

  • I can play the ukulele, and so can he.

  • Hey, Sounds perfect for you, Ana.

  • Can he come tonight?

  • That's the sad part.

  • You see, he just got a job as a spy.

  • And tonight he leaves on assignment.

  • Of course he does.

  • But that's okay, because now I know that there is someone out there made for me Oh, it's late.

  • I have to see him off at the train station by you guys by Ana.

  • Oh dear.

  • She's worse than we thought.

  • She has lost her mind.

  • What should we Dio Looks stellar Know Pete.

  • Mr Right may not be really, but he makes her really happy.

  • Did you find any other connectors?

  • Notice how the words are in a different order in the part after so I am becomes am I and he can becomes Can he check out the website to find out more?



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Let's Learn English Level 2 第14課:Made for each other (Let's Learn English Level 2 Lesson 14: Made for Each Other)

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