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  • The Fairy Queen is 164 years old.

  • It is said to be the world's oldest operating steam engine.

  • Now the engine is as good as thanks to repairs by Indian railways.

  • The fairy queen goes between the cities of New Delhi and Warri.

  • Obviously there are many challenges to keep this locomotive running, maintaining four parts.

  • The other we have difficulty in getting the spare parts on Bingham mechanical engine mechanical locomotive it requires to be orderly are frequent intervals.

  • Passengers are welcomed at the start of the trip so you can see things out of the window.

  • You don't rush around all the time.

  • Sometimes it's good to go far, sometimes to go slow.

  • I think it brings back memories off old of times, quite a claims.

  • When things were not so hectic, people didn't need to rush to get anywhere.

  • A coconut is broken to mark the relaunch of service.

  • A lot of local motors world over have been working on this team side whether you take UK or other world with but having the local water, which is the oldest and in working condition, is a matter of right.

  • The fairy queen leaves the train station in a cloud of steam.

The Fairy Queen is 164 years old.


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世界上最古老的蒸汽機列車之一又開始運行了。 (One of the World’s Oldest Steam Engine Train Running Again)

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