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  • what this is every day.

  • Remember?

  • I'm and I'm museum.

  • I was late for work today.

  • Really?

  • You're never late for work, which surprises me.

  • There was an accident on the road, which means traffic was horrible.

  • The metro was also running behind, which would have made you late anyway.

  • See So I promised myself I leave for work earlier tomorrow, which I think is a good idea.

  • A relative clause is a dependent clause that modifies a noun or pronoun.

  • It provides mawr information about the word it is modified relative clauses begin with such words and that when where, who who's and which, like that's the garden which we visited on Saturday.

  • But today we're talking about relative clauses that use which to modify the whole sentence.

  • Sally was late, which surprised me in this sentence.

  • The word which refers to the whole sentence Sally was late.

  • It is easy using with to modify Ah, whole sentence.

  • Morgan found a new job that is lucky.

  • Morgan found a new job, which is lucky using which to modify a whole sentence is more common in speaking.

  • However, when you do find it in writing, it comes after a comma to indicate a pause and speech.

  • Max isn't home yet, which worries me.

what this is every day.


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日常文法:用 "which "來修飾整個句子。 (Everyday Grammar: 'Which' to Modify a Whole Sentence)

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