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  • Welcome to English.

  • In a minute, stars can be seen shining brightly in the night sky.

  • Does this mean that a star might thank you?

  • You're not going to believe who I met last night?

  • Pale A I wish, but no.

  • All the members of seven dust.

  • Isn't that your favorite band?

  • Wow.

  • You must have been star struck.

  • Starstruck me.

  • Okay, well, maybe at first.

  • But they really are just ordinary people like you and me.

  • We're not ordinary.

  • Were extraordinary.

  • To be star struck means to be really excited about meeting famous people.

  • So excited, in fact, that you might feel speechless in front of a famous person you really, really like.

  • And that's English in a minute.

Welcome to English.


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A2 初級

一分鐘搞定英語Starstruck (English in a Minute: Starstruck)

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