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  • thistles.

  • Everyday grammar.

  • I'm John Russell.

  • Have you ever had a soupy neighbor?

  • A relative, You know, the kind of person who is too curious.

  • They ask a lot of questions.

  • Well, my neighbor is a snoop.

  • She asks about every little thing.

  • Here's an example your neighbor asked about you.

  • Really?

  • What did she ask about?

  • She asked about your salary.

  • Today we will explore the grammar behind the actions of curious people.

  • What do curious people do they ask about something or someone ask about is a common verb in proposition combination.

  • Ask is the verb and about is the proposition.

  • In the example you heard my neighbor asked about something how much money I made.

  • But you can also ask about a person when you ask about a person you are asking about their situation, their health, their character or something else.

  • Bourbon proposition combinations such as ask about might look like Faisel verbs, but they have an important difference.

  • Verb and proposition combinations are not idiomatic.



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日常文法:動詞和介詞 - 詢問有關情況 (Everyday Grammar: Verbs and Prepositions - Ask about)

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