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  • this'd is everyday grammar.

  • I'm John Russell Adverbs convey.

  • Be a difficult topic for some.

  • If you mentioned the word too many native English speakers, you might get this kind of reaction.

  • Do not fear adverbs are not as scary as some might think.

  • For today's lesson, we will talk about just one use of adverbs to modify verbs.

  • When adverbs are modifying verbs, they often answer how question?

  • What is a how question?

  • Here's an example.

  • Recently I was visiting a new city.

  • I asked a man for directions.

  • When he spoke, His words came too quickly for me to understand.

  • I said, Wow, he speaks quickly in the sentence.

  • He speaks quickly.

  • Speak is the verb, and quickly is the adverb.

  • Quickly describe.

  • Speak, in other words, quickly answers the how question.

  • How does this person speak?

  • He speaks quickly.

  • Let's take another example.

  • Imagine you are watching a turtle move.

  • How does the turtle move slowly so you could say the turtle moves slowly.

  • There are many other uses of adverbs, but for today, just remember that adverbs often have an L.

  • Y ending and Lawson modify a verb.

this'd is everyday grammar.


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日常文法:副詞 (Everyday Grammar: Adverbs)

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