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  • welcome to English in a minute.

  • This term can mean something is sticky.

  • Tacky, But how is this adjective used in other situations?

  • Jonathan, Did you buy your mom that tacky dress she wanted?

  • You mean the one with the stripes and polka dots and the enormous bow tie on the shoulder?

  • Yeah, I did.

  • Seems like she has her own idea about fashion.

  • If something is described as tacky, that means it is of poor quality or just shows bad taste.

  • A person can wear tacky clothes, tell attacking, joke or read a tacky romance novel.

  • Fortunately, I have never done attacking thing in my life, and that's English in a minute.

welcome to English in a minute.


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B2 中高級

英語一分鐘。Tacky (English in a Minute: Tacky)

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