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  • band band.

  • A band is a usually small group of musicians who play popular music together because because because means for the reason that birthday birthday, a birthday is the day when someone was born.

  • Or the anniversary of that day Board Board board means tired and annoyed by too much of the same thing or not interested.

  • Drum Drum.

  • A drum is a musical instrument that is played by hitting a layer of skin or plastic with sticks or with your hands.

  • Exercise Exercise exercise means physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier.

  • Fight Fight Fight means to use weapons or physical force to try to hurt someone.

  • Party.

  • Party A party is a social event in which entertainment, food and drinks are provided.

  • Politician.

  • Politician Ah, politician is someone who is active in government, usually as an elected official, president, president.

  • A president is the head of the government.

  • In some countries, puppet puppet Ah, puppet is a dull that is moved by putting your hand inside it or by pulling strings or wires that are attached to it.

  • Queen Queen.

  • A queen is a woman who rules a country and who usually inherits her position and rules for life.

  • Shop Shock Shop means to visit places where goods are sold in order to look at and buy.

  • Things soared, soared.

  • A sword is a weapon with a long metal blade that has a sharp point and edge.

  • Unusual, unusual, unusual means different or strange in a way that attracts attention.

  • Usual, usual, usual means done, found or used most of the time, or in most cases or normal or regular watch.

  • Watch.

  • Watch means to look at someone or something for an amount of time and pay attention to what is happening in the video.

  • Anna says that what she is doing today is different.

  • Listen to honor telling why she is doing different things.

  • This is a drum band.

  • I never listen to a drum band, but today I am listening to a drum band because it's Shakespeare's birthday.

  • This is a sword fighting.

  • I never sword fight, but today I am so exciting because it's Shakespeare's birthday.

  • There are many things to do in Washington, D.

  • C.

  • Some usual, some unusual.

  • Today I am not bored because it is William Shakespeare's birthday.

  • The's sentences show a cause and effect the cause is William Shakespeare's birthday party.

  • The effects are listening to a drum band swordfighting and not being bored.

  • Now you try it.

  • Tell about a reason you are studying English.

  • Why are you studying English?

band band.


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