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  • candy Candy Candy is a sweet food made with sugar or chocolate college College.

  • A college is a school that offers courses leading to a degree, such as a bachelors degree or an associates degree costume costume.

  • A costume is the clothes that are worn by someone such as an actor who is trying to look like a different person or thing.

  • Dress dress to dress means to put clothes on yourself or someone else.

  • Girlfriend Girlfriend?

  • Ah, girlfriend is a woman with whom someone is having a romantic relationship.

  • Graduate graduate to graduate is to earn a degree or diploma from a school, college or university.

  • Halloween.

  • Halloween Halloween is the night of October 31st when Children dress up his ghosts, witches or monsters and go to houses to ask for candy.

  • Journalism.

  • Journalism Journalism is the activity or job of collecting, writing and editing news stories for newspapers, magazines, television or radio.

  • Junior Junior, a junior, is a student in the third of four years in a high school or college, Mary Mary to marry means to become the husband or wife of someone or to become joined with someone in marriage.

  • Might Might might is used to say that something is possible.

  • Mind, mind Ah mind is the part of a person that thinks reasons feels and remembers.

  • Rock star rock star.

  • A rock star is a person who plays a kind of popular music with a strong beat that is played on instruments that are made louder electronically.

  • Think, think to think, means to form or have a particular thought in your mind.

  • Trick trick.

  • A trick is something that causes confusion or that makes something seemed different from what it actually is.

  • Trick or treat, trick or treat.

  • Trick or treat is a custom on Halloween, in which Children knock on people's doors and say trick or treat when the doors are opened to ask for candy.

  • Wedding Wedding.

  • A wedding is a ceremony at which two people are married to each other in this lesson on a talks about the future in two ways, she uses the mold Overbey Will and the motile verb Might Will shows that the person plans for the event to happen.

  • For example, Rebecca plans to graduate in one year.

  • Okay, wait, you are thinking you will graduate from college in about one year.

  • Well, yeah, that's the plan I told you I'm a junior in college might shows that the person thinks it is possible that the event will happen.

  • But it is also possible that the event will not happen.

  • For example, on a makes a guess that Rebecca might get a job writing the news right?

  • Wait, there's more.

  • You are thinking you might get a job writing the news.

  • I might get a job rating the news.

  • I might.

  • That means I might not, and I'm studying really hard.

  • Rebecca is angry because she plans to get a job writing the news.

  • Now you try it.

  • Will you watch next weeks learning English lesson I might watch next weeks Learning English lesson.

candy Candy Candy is a sweet food made with sugar or chocolate college College.


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