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  • Jeremy from Birmingham, Alabama.

  • My name's Chris.

  • Time for in Kansas City.

  • My name's Elizabeth Alvarez.

  • I'm from Miami, Florida from ST Augustine, Florida.

  • 12 8 hours to get here from ST Louis, Missouri.

  • Andi, I'm here for the 45th presidential inauguration for Donald Trump.

  • Think it's wonderful.

  • We live in a country where, in spite of your political views, we could see this peaceful transfer, and I'm excited to see what is going to take place.

  • From this day forward, I felt like I was carrying £100 pack on my back for the past eight years, and on Election Day, I felt like that was taking off and I can walk.

  • I can have bounce in my step again.

  • I'm you know, 285 years old, and I feel like I'm 25.

  • I feel so American Number one.

  • This is a glorious day.

  • I feel very proud.

  • I feel very proud of this country.

  • This is my country.

  • My parents came here in 1942 from Cuba.

  • I was really excited to come down here and, like witness all of the museums and stuff, but actually getting here and seeing everything that's happening is like a really like negative energy on me, and I already cried like choice.

  • It's just a lot.

  • It's really overwhelming to see, like how strongly people feel like against other people and like to hate them is insane.

  • I just don't get it.

  • The feeling is different feelings.

  • It's weird.

  • It is.

  • It's really weird.

  • Every seems to me that at one another, and at the end of the day, it's almost like football game.

  • It's whatever side you're on, you know, if you're on my side, I like you.

  • And if you're not, go away, you know what do you do?

  • It today is about the peaceful transition of power.

  • But we felt very strongly that since the transition of power was affected by outside foreign governments that we should protest it.

  • It's frightening, you know, because it's it's our future on the line, and, uh, I don't feel there is much of a future, you know, if this continues, it's a good energy.

  • I think there's all in all, a lot of individuals are interested to see what's going to happen with the transition of of change from from one political party to the next wear incited from a were beyond decided.

  • God has blessed our family and I believe he's gonna bless this country as well.

  • And we plan on making this a family tradition every four years.

  • I'm hoping that Trump's gonna be a good president because I'm part of this country as well.

  • But other than that, I don't like him, and that's pretty much it.

Jeremy from Birmingham, Alabama.


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特朗普就職典禮後喜憂參半。 (Mixed Feelings After Trump's Inauguration)

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