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  • this is everyday grammar.

  • I'm kami and before you say anything, I think we should do another words that aren't really words but our words episode Okay, I'm a feel.

  • Since we already did a similar episode, Can we just skip the intra part and go straight into explaining words that English speakers often use?

  • Sure, we can.

  • Let's start with funder.

  • Many people incorrectly add the comparative e r.

  • Ending to the adjective fund in English.

  • One syllable adjectives usually end an e r when used in comparatives like small, smaller, high, higher but not fun.

  • The correct form is more fun impactful.

  • Many people still dislike this word and prefer using impacted, which means the same thing with strong effect.

  • So think twice before you want to make an impact full.

  • I mean imp active statement factoid.

  • Here's a fact many people misuse the word fact toys.

  • Ah, factoid is false information presented as fact, but so many people have misused the word that the incorrect meaning is starting to become accepted as true.

  • So today, let's stick with the original meaning firstly, and lastly, we have, firstly on adverb used to introduce a first point or reason the problem with firstly is that for a long time it wasn't considered a proper word.

  • But the misuse of the word first you can use firstly, but we advise against it, especially in writing.

this is everyday grammar.


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日常文法:不是詞,而是詞的詞第二部分 (Everyday Grammar: Words That Are Not Words, But Are Words Part 2)

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