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  • welcome to English in a minute.

  • Window dressing is arranging products in a store window to make them look nice and appealing.

  • Window dressing.

  • Ana, I just invested in this great new company, and you should, too.

  • It's a sure thing, and look at all the free stuff you get.

  • You should be careful, Jonathan.

  • All that free stuff could just be window dressing away.

  • The stock is doing great, you know.

  • It's down five points from yesterday.

  • Well, at least you got a free bag and a hat.

  • Window dressing is meant to attract customers.

  • That's OK for a store, But in daily life, window dressing makes something seem better than it really is.

  • As you might expect, we mostly used this expression in a critical way, and that's English in a minute.

welcome to English in a minute.


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英語一分鐘。櫥窗裝飾 (English in a Minute: Window Dressing)

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