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  • chips.

  • What the Caps parade to celebrate Stanley Cup parade about begin.

  • Pretty excited.

  • It's gonna be amazing and exciting to celebrate the Cavs win the Stanley Cup way.

  • I still have like a gaping hole in my stomach.

  • Has come back.

  • Hasn't set in yet, man.

  • Feels good.

  • First time ever.

  • Maybe.

  • Yeah, finding ever.

  • I feel great.

  • I'm so excited for I'm so stoked.

  • Fantastic.

  • Still kind of a surreal feeling.

  • Excited.

  • I think it gives the Seehofer more championships.

  • Sure, like D.

  • C.

  • Is.

  • Someone has been cursed for a while now, but the curse is lifted.

  • Still the baby When they went in when d.

  • C.

  • Had a championship trophy in the city, I think this one has uplifted First.

  • I've been coming to games for 25 years.

  • It's time.

  • It's like finally, you know, I've been waiting so long.

  • I played hockey since I was a little boy following the cast was second living my dream.

  • Sports wise, we have a lot to celebrate recently way.

  • See other cities, other cities celebrating their championships and bring everyone together and have something in common.

  • We celebrate politics or anything like that.

  • Just all good feeling It's an event that could bring the entire city together in a time where it's kind of a little hectic.

  • It just brings us together.

  • You know, everybody is in a place where politics a huge cares.

  • My son and I were watching together.

  • We were jumping up and down by 500.

  • I was in a hotel room in Buffalo for hockey tournament and our friends six rooms next said he could hear me screaming.

  • Video finally brought home the cup.

  • This is a Stanley Cup way went to the thrift store.

  • We got all these bowls at a five gallon jug of water spray, painted it, and this was from the store also.

  • Yeah, it's history.

  • We've had some really hard let down the past few years, but we just hung tough man made.

  • It happens truly unbelievable way lived here.

  • Our whole lives and way just thought we gotta celebrate in style.



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數千人慶祝華盛頓首都隊奪冠 (Thousands Celebrate Washington Capitals’ Championship Victory)

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