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  • welcome to English in a minute.

  • Ah, blast can mean a mass of air that moves fast and forcefully outward, as in a powerful explosion to have a blast.

  • Jonathan, did you have a blast at Malik's birthday party last night or what?

  • I had such a blast.

  • That guy sure knows how to have a wild time.

  • It was almost as fun is our fishing trip.

  • I thought we read never to talk about that again.

  • The word blast has many meanings, but they are all related to something that is intense or powerful.

  • If you are having a blast, you are having an intensely good time.

  • If something happens at full blast, it means at the highest ski or greatest capacity, and that's English in a minutes.

welcome to English in a minute.


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一分鐘英語:玩個痛快 (English in a Minute: Have a Blast)

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