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  • This is everyday grammar.

  • I'm Macia, and I'm copy.

  • You know, Lucy A were supposed to go to a meeting right after we're finished here.

  • Really?

  • I thought the meeting was supposed to start much later.

  • Well, that's not what our boss said.

  • Well, I guess that's what we're supposed to do.

  • Them.

  • Did you notice anything?

  • Notice what?

  • Well, we used a lot of the be supposed to structure and her conversation.

  • Yes, we did.

  • These supposed Teoh?

  • That sounds funny.

  • How do we explain that?

  • Well, be supposed to expresses the idea that someone expects something toe happen either with scheduled events, a correct way of doing something or behavior.

  • The structure is the verb B plus supposed plus two.

  • When it comes to scheduled events, you would use it like this.

  • The meeting is supposed to start at New Game is supposed to run late and to describe a correct way of doing something, you would say the nurse is supposed to use a thermometer.

  • You're supposed to follow the manual for expressing expectation about behavior.

  • You can say the Children are supposed to put away their toys.

  • Suzy is supposed to eat soup without slurping a good thing to remember is that be supposed to is almost always used with the present or past tense forms of the verb.

  • Anything else were supposed to talk about today?

  • No, let's go to that meeting, and that's every day grammar.

This is everyday grammar.


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日常文法:應該 (Everyday Grammar: Be supposed to)

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