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  • you're learning with 9 to 5 English business English for the workplace.

  • Hi, Tim here with another 9 to 5 English lesson Today, we're going to learn how to describe people and their characteristics in English.

  • Listen in on any office conversation or meeting, and you'll hear a lot of talk about people who we like, who we don't like, who's right for a team who should get a promotion, who is going on vacation?

  • The list of topics goes on and on, and one aspect of people we often discuss is their appearance or how they look.

  • To do that, we use adjectives like tall or short or well dressed or heavy or thin.

  • When we describe people, we also talk about the color of their hair.

  • And here's a couple of special hair words for you.

  • Brunette means someone with brown hair and blonde refers to someone with light or yellow hair.

  • Let's try describing people's appearance using some of this language.

  • Listen to each example, then repeat it for yourself.

  • Ready?

  • Let's get started.

  • Gary is a tall, red haired guy who usually wears glasses.

  • Bob looks a little bit like Dave R.

  • Former manager.

  • Jordan is really well dressed and always smiling.

  • Tina has long brown hair and green eyes.

  • Now did you notice that expression looks a little bit like the basic expression there is?

  • Looks like, as in Nancy looks like Tina.

  • In other words, they appear similar a couple more similar expressions for comparing people our sounds like and acts like when we say someone acts like another person.

  • We're talking about their behavior or what they do, just like appearance.

  • We often described behavior with adjectives.

  • For example, we might say someone is eager or enthusiastic.

  • We might also talk about how they do things like works hard or treats people with respect.

  • Let's try some examples of describing people's behavior.

  • Remember to repeat the examples after you hear them.

  • Charlie is always eager and ready to help.

  • I tend to work harder when I'm under pressure.

  • Kendra is the most enthusiastic person in the office.

  • Joe treats everyone with a lot of respect.

  • As you heard, it's not only other people that we describe.

  • Sometimes we describe ourselves, especially in situations like job interviews, and not only do we describe behavior, we also describe character.

  • Character is about what type of person someone is.

  • It might include behavior, but it also includes someone's overall personality to talk about character.

  • We rely once again on adjectives and the more adjectives you know, the better you can describe people's character.

  • Some people are serious, while others are fun loving.

  • Some people are hard working, while others are lazy.

  • Some people are shy, while others are outgoing.

  • Let's practice some of these adjectives for describing character once again repeat the examples after you hear them.

  • Nancy seems pretty serious, but she's always fair.

  • The right candidates should be hardworking and flexible.

  • I would describe myself as a good learner and resourceful.

  • Daisy can be quite shy, but she's very smart.

  • You probably know most of those adjectives, but resourceful might be a new word.

  • If someone is resourceful, it means they are good at finding ways to solve problems.

  • That's a great way to describe yourself in a job interview.

  • Okay, so we've practiced describing people with some examples.

  • But how does this sound in a conversation?

  • Let's listen to a short dialogue between Kent and Paula.

  • They're talking about a person who has applied for a job at their company.

  • Let's listen, remind me again.

  • Which candidate was Jason?

  • Jason was the tall guy with blond hair.

  • Oh, right.

  • And how is his interview?

  • Well, he seems smart, but I wonder how flexible he is.

  • That's not too difficult, right?

  • When Kent asks Paula to describe Jason, she says that he's call and has blonde hair.

  • And when Kent asks how Jason's interview it, she says he seems smart, but she wonders if he's flexible.

  • Now it's your turn to practice.

  • We'll repeat the dialogue.

  • But this time we're going to be about the second speaker's words.

  • You will have to say those parts yourself.

  • Remember to describe Jason as tall with blond hair and say he's smart, But you wonder if he's flexible.

  • Remind me again which candidate was Jason.

  • Oh, right.

  • And how is his interview?

  • All right, that's it for this lesson.

  • We've learned some great ways to describe people's appearance, behavior and character.

  • We'll be back soon with some more useful English expressions.

you're learning with 9 to 5 English business English for the workplace.


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