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  • you're learning with nine to five English. Business English for the

  • workplace. Hi Tim here with another 9 to 5 English lesson. In today's lesson we're

  • going to learn how to talk about likes and preferences. Talking about things we

  • like is something we do all the time. Whether you're in a meeting a casual

  • conversation or just having lunch there's always a chance to talk about

  • what you like. And sometimes talking about what you like means talking about

  • a preference. By preference I mean liking one thing more than

  • something else. For example maybe you want to say you think Sony is better

  • than LG. How can you do that

  • ? Well one way is to just say you prefer Sony to LG. You

  • could also say you're more into Sony or that you'd take a Sony over an LG. But what

  • if you're talking about doing things? Say you prefer talking to customers instead

  • of sending them emails. In this case you can say you would rather talk with

  • customers then send them emails. Let's practice using these expressions for

  • talking about preferences. Listen to each example then repeat it yourself. Ready?

  • Let's get started! I'd much rather live in Seattle than Boston

  • I'm more into French food than Italian.

  • I prefer magazines to books.

  • I take an iPhone over Android phone any day.

  • So we've practiced different ways of talking about a preference but what if

  • you're not comparing I mean what if you're having a conversation about cars

  • for example and you just want to say that you like Toyotas well the easy way

  • is just to say I like Toyota's but rather than just using the verb like you

  • can use adjectives such as keen on or partial to or fond of and don't forget

  • which preposition goes with which adjectives you can say you're keen on

  • Toyota's but not that you're fond on Toyota's let's have a little practice

  • using these expressions to talk about things you like once again repeat the

  • examples after you hear them I'm quite keen on the new Samsung monitors

  • I'm partial to European wine

  • I'm fond of travel and exploring new places

  • The Times is one of my favorite newspapers

  • as you heard we can also use one of my favorites to talk about likes and that's

  • another example of a group of words that you use to express an idea just like

  • keen on or partial to one of the tricks to learning natural English is

  • remembering word combinations like this alright so we practiced talking about

  • what you like but what about things you really like in other words what about

  • things you love for starters you can use that word love or even say that there's

  • nothing you love more you might also say you can't get enough of something or

  • that you're a huge fan of something once again you might notice these are

  • combinations of words and you need to remember and practice the entire

  • expression so let's give this a try remember to repeat each example I really

  • love what the marketing department has done

  • I can't get enough of Thai food

  • I'm a huge fan of the new Nike ads

  • there's nothing I love more than a weekend by the sea

  • as you can hear we can use love for all sorts of things not just people and in a

  • later lesson we'll have a look at the opposite feeling as well things you hate

  • so how does all this sound in real life let's listen to a short dialogue between

  • two colleagues one of them wants to know about where the other person is planning

  • to rent an office so are you thinking of renting a new office in London no I'd

  • much rather be somewhere quieter oh yeah any place in particular well I'm a huge

  • fan of Cambridge did you hear how that worked

  • the second person said that he would much rather be somewhere more quiet than

  • London and when asked about what city might be preferable he said he's a huge

  • fan of Cambridge not too difficult right now it's your turn to practice will

  • repeat the dialogue but this time we're going to beep out

  • the second speakers words you will have to say those parts yourself remember to

  • start by saying where you would rather work then say the name of the place

  • where you'd really like to have your office here we go so are you thinking of

  • renting a new office in London

  • oh yeah any place in particular

  • all right so we've learned some great ways to talk about preferences as well

  • as things you like and love in our next lesson we'll talk about the opposite

  • things you dislike or hate until then so long and happy learning

you're learning with nine to five English. Business English for the


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