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  • hi everyone I'm Bridget and today's topic is going

  • to be ten phrases tourists should never use number one that's disgusting

  • disgusting is a very harsh term to describe something that doesn't look

  • good you're it's not attractive and you don't want to get near it it's

  • disgusting it's a very rude thing to say because you might be saying that about

  • something someone else likes number two my country is better to say your country

  • is better is a very rude thing to say when you're in guest in a new place

  • especially because if you're a tourist you probably don't know all that much

  • about this new country so how could you really say one country is better than

  • the other number three I'd rather be back home if you'd rather be back home

  • that means you don't want to be here anymore

  • and if that's the case why are you traveling at all part of the joy of

  • traveling is getting away from home and experiencing new things so to say I'd

  • rather be back home why are you travelling at all number four shut up

  • funny story when I was growing up my mom used to say that shut up is a bad word

  • so we used to get in trouble for saying it shut up is a very rude way to tell

  • someone to be quiet don't use it it's a bad way to say it number five I'm not

  • very interested in your culture to say that you're not interested in someone's

  • culture probably means that you're not looking hard enough because every

  • culture has something interesting about it whether it's the language the history

  • the fashion it doesn't matter what it is there's always going to be something

  • interesting about someone's culture number six I don't like meeting new

  • people to say you don't like meeting new people means that you're going to miss

  • out on a very big part of traveling and that is getting to know people getting

  • to hear their stories what it's actually like to live in that country so to say I

  • don't like meeting new people you're losing out number seven let's just eat

  • and make this is something that a lot of

  • Americans are probably guilty of when traveling they're gonna see in

  • McDonald's because McDonald's are everywhere in the world these days and

  • they're going to think it's easy my favorite part of traveling is trying new

  • cuisine in different countries and if you're just going to say let's eat at

  • McDonald's that means you're going to be missing out on trying local cuisine and

  • local delicacies and it's just you're not broadening your horizons and you

  • never know your favorite new food might just be waiting undiscovered for you and

  • instead you went to McDonald's to have a chicken sandwich number eight boring

  • boring is a very impolite way to say that something is not interesting and

  • you don't really want to use it when you're traveling because it's kind of

  • rude number nine this tastes awful to say something tastes awful is saying

  • that it tastes bad it tastes terrible you don't want to eat it anymore and

  • it's incredibly rude you don't want to say this especially if the person you're

  • talking to is the one who made the food for you in English we have this phrase

  • don't u k-- someone's young and that means don't say yuck to something that

  • someone else might say young or that's delicious so you don't want to insult a

  • food that someone else likes because it's very rude it's insulting especially

  • if the person you're saying that to made the food for you so don't use this

  • phrase number ten I'm going to spend the day in the hotel to say you're going to

  • spend an entire day at the hotel means you're missing out on exploring the

  • place that you've paid to go and see why don't you get out there and try new food

  • meet new people take pictures climbed skyscrapers climb mountains go hiking do

  • everything you can possibly do to take advantage of being in a new place

  • because I guarantee it'll be one of the best experiences you have so that was

  • ten phrases that tourists should never use remember don't use those phrases

  • that I just taught you if you guys like the video don't forget to give it a

  • sup and subscribe to our channel leave a comment below if you have any questions

  • and visit English class to learn more English

  • you

hi everyone I'm Bridget and today's topic is going


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10個遊客絕對不能用的英語短語。 (10 Phrases Tourists Should NEVER Use in English)

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