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  • Hi everybody I'm Alicia from English class

  • In this lesson you'll learn some important phrases for Christmas in the U.S. and some valuable cultural tips.

  • First let's hear the name of the holiday Christmas: Christmas.

  • Christmas is traditionally celebrated as a religious holiday this involves traditional customs such as decorating Christmas trees putting lights on shops and houses getting gifts from Santa church services and family dinners.

  • Some places even hold Christmas parades.

  • On "Christmas" or "Christmas Day" people in the U.S. greet each other by saying: "Merry Christmas," "Merry Christmas."

  • When you meet someone on Christmas Day be sure to greet them with this phrase "Merry Christmas."

  • In the U.S., people celebrate the holiday with their own special events and customs

  • The most popular food to eat on Christmas is "turkey." "Turkey."

  • Roasted turkey is a popular dish for family Christmas dinners the whole turkey is roasted and then carved during the meal.

  • It's served with dressing also called stuffing and cranberry sauce other popular side dishes are a corn on the cob and mashed potatoes.

  • :et's wrap up this lesson by recapping what you've learned listen to the words.

  • And repeat after me

  • Christmas

  • Christmas

  • Merry Christmas

  • Merry Christmas

  • Turkey

  • Turkey

  • Well done here's a fun fact do you know what famous American city associated with the American Revolution was not big on celebrating Christmas until the middle of the 1800s?

  • The Puritan pilgrims who settled in New England did not approve of the celebration of Christmas.

  • And it was banned in Boston until the late 1600s. Even after the ban was lifted Christmas in Boston didn't become popular until the middle of the 1800s.

  • You just learned about how people in the U.S. celebrate Christmas and some important facts about the holiday

  • if you want to learn English even faster just click the link in the description and download tons of PDF lessons for free

  • See you soon

  • Hi everybody I think most of you know me by now maybe you've been watching this channel all year.

  • So just a quick end-of-the-year message for me to say thank you a lot of people have started watching the channel this year and it's been really really exciting to see viewers coming from all over the world.

  • We have so many people watching now from so many different countries and it's been really amazing to connect with you especially over the last six months.

  • So thank you thank you for joining the live streams we've been doing every week thank you for sending your questions to ask Alisha the Q&A series we're doing.

  • Thank you for helping each other so much during like all of the live 24/7 stuff we've been doing.

  • It's really really cool to see so many people that don't know each other actually coming together and helping one another to learn and giving people like advice or assistance.

  • And also just generally being really really positive like it's really it's really great to see that everybody is able to work together effectively and is being really really respectful as well.

  • So watching all of the comments come in and interacting with you guys especially over the last year has been really cool for me personally, and so ...

  • And also connecting with you guys just being able to do that on this on these kind of like cool social channels

  • So, like, some of some of us have connected on like Twitter or Instagram or like, you've left comments on our Facebook page too.

  • That's really really cool it's really cool for me and for our team to see everybody connecting in all these different ways and sharing and interacting.

  • So, thank you from all of us for me as well thank you so much for watching thank you so much for sharing and liking and everything that you do.

  • Because if we didn't have you we couldn't do what we're doing.

  • So it's thanks to you that we get to continue making videos and we can continue working and continue connecting.

  • So, ummm, just from all of us here at the end of the year thank you so much for everything and we're really looking forward to making more good stuff and working more together next year as well.

  • So we hope you keep watching and we hope you keep submitting your great feedback and participating and we hope to continue making things that are good and positive things that can really contribute to everybody's progress around the world.

  • So thank you so much for watching thank you from everybody here at the English Class team

  • Have a great new year enjoy your holiday season and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

  • Happy new year

  • Oh it was all heartfelt ...

Hi everybody I'm Alicia from English class


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在美國如何慶祝聖誕節? (How to Celebrate Christmas in the United States?)

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