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  • welcome to English class 101 coms British English in three minutes the

  • fastest easiest and most fun way to learn English hey everyone I'm Gina this

  • series explains some easy ways to ask and answer common questions in English

  • it's really useful and it only takes three minutes in this lesson you're

  • going to learn some different ways people will ask you where are you from

  • first though where are you from can mean many different things

  • it can mean which city are you from or which country are you from

  • in fact Brits ask this question to each other all the time to learn which part

  • of the UK the other person comes from if you want to answer this question there

  • are two ways to do it you can say I'm and then your

  • nationality as in I'm Japanese or I'm Brazilian or you can say I'm from and

  • then the country you are from as in I'm from Italy or I'm from Thailand

  • if you're from a really famous city or place you can say that too

  • for example I'm from Beijing or I'm from New Delhi of course in the United

  • Kingdom as in other parts of the world people may be a little more indirect

  • because they want to be polite to do this they might ask you if you are from

  • the place where they met you for example if you meet someone in London they might

  • ask are you from London or if you are in York they might ask are you from York

  • many parts of the United Kingdom are very multicultural so asking the

  • question this way avoids what could be an

  • embarrassing mistake you can answer this the same way you answer where are you

  • from just add a simple no in front for example you can say no I'm and then your

  • nationality no I'm French or no I'm from and then your country no I'm from Russia

  • now it's time for Gina's tips the UK is a diverse place people you meet may take

  • great pride in the place or region they come from if you ask someone about where

  • they're from they may respond by saying something like Yorkshire Lancashire or

  • hartfordshire if they answer in this way it usually means they are interested in

  • talking more about their region and how it differs from others in this lesson we

  • learned some different ways to ask where are you from do you know what to ask

  • when you don't know someone's name of course you do but what do you say when

  • you forgotten someone's name find out in the next British English in three

  • minutes lesson see you next time

  • you

welcome to English class 101 coms British English in three minutes the


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學英語-英式英語三分鐘搞定-你從哪裡來? (Learn English - British English in Three Minutes - Where are you from?)

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