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  • Oh, hi! Welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha, and this week we're gonna talk

  • about words for walking. Let's start.

  • Amble.” “Amblemeansto walk in kind of a slow, easy pace.” You're relaxed.

  • You're just ambling down the road. “I like to amble down the streets in my neighborhood.

  • It's a very relaxed place where I can walk in a relaxed pace.”

  • OK. Next isstrut.” “Strut is how you walk when you're feeling really good or maybe

  • you're listening to music that makes you feel really cool. I'm guilty of doing this,

  • and I feel like a dork when I realize that I am doing

  • this. When you strut, you're... you have kind of like a smug walk. You're like yeah,

  • I'm really, I'm really cool, I'm really interesting. You just look very, very pleased with yourself.

  • So in a sentence, “I saw my friend strutting down the street the other day. He

  • looked like he was having a great afternoon.”

  • The next isstride.” A “strideis kind of a “long step,” right? Yeah. A

  • longer step than you might usually take. “Strides.” “Stride.” “Strode.”

  • Stride.” “I strode toward the office the morning of the big meeting. I was feeling

  • very energized about the new client.” Yeah, Yeah.

  • Stroll.” “Strollis a good word. “It's just a... It's a fairly justneutral,

  • leisurely walk.” You're not in a rush to go anywhere. You're just strolling. “I strolled

  • down by the beach last weekend with my friends. We had a great day.”

  • Mm..ok. Next iswander.” “Wanderis a nice word when you don't have any particular

  • destination, or where there's no goal for you to go. You just wander around. You walk

  • without any real purpose. You just walk through streets. You walk through... I don't know...

  • CitiesUh, we call that wandering. “On my days off, I like to wander through the

  • city. I find lots of fun and interesting new places that way.”

  • End! That's the end. Those were all some words for walking, so when you need to be extra

  • descriptive about the type of walk that you went for,

  • you can try to use one of these words. Thanks for joining us for this week's Weekly Words.

  • We'll see you again next time for more. Take care. Bye-bye. Grr...

Oh, hi! Welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha, and this week we're gonna talk


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每週與Alisha一起學習英語單詞--行走的單詞。 (Weekly English Words with Alisha - Words for Walking)

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