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  • Although the number of deaths from Corona virus in the U.

  • K.

  • Is falling around the world, the pandemic is still far from under control.

  • Have a listen to the World Health Organization's Dr Michael Ryan.

  • Each and every country has a different combination off risks and opportunities at this point, and it's really down to national authorities to carefully consider where they are in the pandemic.

  • This may be a pandemic of may be affecting the world, but it's affecting each and every country in a different way, depending on when disease came depending on how the initial responses were managed.

  • On depending on how the disease is evolving at this point.

  • And by no means is this over.

  • If we look at the numbers over the last number of weeks, this this pandemic is still evolving.

  • It is still growing in many parts of the world, and we have deep concerns that health systems in some countries are struggling on their under a huge strain.

  • Well, one country certainly feeling some strain, is India.

  • The chief minister of Delhi is saying the city could have more than half a 1,000,000 cases by the end of July, and he says that that happens, there's no guarantee its hospitals will cope.

  • We also got more detail on Mumbai today is total of covert 19 cases has surpassed Wuhan in China, which is where the virus was first reported.

  • And as a country, India continues to have one of the highest infection rates.

  • New infection rates in the world is more from McGee to the mine.

  • Delhi's chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, has said that to cope with the number of cases his government is expecting to see in his city their lead as many as 80,000 beds.

  • They're trying to ramp up capacity by acquiring beds in private hospitals.

  • But we're hearing of so many people who are going from one facility to another, struggling to find a place where they could get their loved ones and bitten.

  • And that's not just the story there were removed by is while I've been talking to families who lost loved ones before they could even be looked at by doctors on.

  • Even as these cases arising, you can see cities in India are opening up.

  • This junction looks almost like it did before the shutdown was imposed.

  • Buses are back on the streets or two rickshaws taxis, private offices are functioning up to 10% of their capacity.

  • In many other parts of India, places of worship, shopping malls, even restaurants are open Now.

  • This forest doesn't only affect people's health directly.

  • It's impacting on so many other pressing concerns, which in turn affects people's health.

  • For example, John Hopkins University is estimating that many hundreds of thousands of Children in India will suffer from severe malnutrition, and potentially 300,000 of them may lose their lives in the next six months.

  • And that dreadful prospect is not caused by the virus.

  • But the virus is a factor.

  • DVR area reports from Delhi do much hunger, too little food.

  • With jobs gone, it's a fight for survival.

  • Hunger was always an issue here, but this desperation is new for these Children.

  • Just outside the capital, Delhi, even one meal a day now feels like a triumph.

  • Shiva is just one month old.

  • His parents rely on daily wages to buy food, and like millions of others, they lost work after the government announced a lock down in March, allowed on used to cook rice, protease and vegetables before the lock down our Children ate well.

  • Now they remain hungry because we have no money and noble theme.

  • Indian government has run a child development scheme to provide essential vitamins and nutrients to Children up to the age of six centres known as the younger bodies.

  • But during the Corona virus locked down, most of the more than one million underbody centers such as these were shut down.

  • Now some of them are tryingto home deliver a much smaller quantity off food supplements at a time when their most critical for young Children's development.

  • Now it's ordinary citizens who have stepped up like militia, who has been distributing one hot meal a day toe 500 Children since the past two months.

  • But that's hardly enough.

  • I can provide one or two meals, but Children eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, then are getting the nutrition they need.

  • Good nutrition.

  • Now, while India is still very much dealing with its first Corona virus outbreak, there's growing evidence that there's a second wave of the virus hitting Iran.

  • Let's hear from BBC Persians runner Ryan Poor Could this be Iran's second wave off Corona virus?

  • The country was opened up from lock down just about a month ago, and this is how it looks like now.

  • In one city, German route buses are being used to transfer Cove in 19 patients to the capital of Kermanshah province.

  • It's one off at least nine provinces where infections are rising rapidly, according to Iran's Ministry of Health, who the stone province in the southeast is now a red zone.

  • The hospitals are full.

  • Their staff are overwhelmed.

  • Last week, Iran recorded the highest daily increase in the number of Corona virus cases since the first were reported four months ago.

  • Many local officials say this is a second wave off infections Teoh, but Iran's president insists that the term second wave creates too much fear among people.

  • Iran's official number of confirmed cases is around 176,000 cases, with over 8000 deaths.

  • Yet many, including the Iranian parliament, believe the correct number off infections is 8 to 10 times more on the debts are at least twice as much.

  • The president has warned that if people don't follow social distancing, that restrictions may be reimposed.

  • But the economy, already badly hit by US sanctions and corruption, is on its knees.

Although the number of deaths from Corona virus in the U.


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