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  • over there.

  • Is it so, James Bond today tension is growing between Russia and the West.

  • Why do you think that is?

  • And how dangerous is that?

  • We need politic off.

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  • I'm always glad.

  • Resnick Lee.

  • Yeah, probably.

  • I should think.

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  • You see him.

  • But obviously political arena won't very godlike.

  • You talk about Washington wanting to rule the world.

  • Western leaders regularly accused Russia of waging a hybrid war against the West using weapons like cyber attacks and disinformation.

  • The European Union only recently accused Russia of campaign of disinformation of a Corona virus.

  • Why is Russia doing this?

  • Do you accept that is happening as we descend?

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  • Which what?

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  • My show College toe a Baroda Wynia Trump is just informants.

  • Can you understand why?

  • Perhaps in the West there is a lack of trust towards Russia at the moment when you look at some of the things that have been happening.

  • Like like the Salisbury poisonings that Britain believes Russia is behind.

  • No, I wasn't deberia just aids drug.

  • Store around with them.

  • Really?

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  • One lesson you, Daddy Slowem.

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over there.


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美國試圖 "統治世界",俄羅斯間諜頭目說 - BBC News (America trying to 'rule the world', says Russian spy chief - BBC News)

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