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  • This is where the queen will arrive in short.

  • But first of all, we have trouble, I think, under salute as the crown is taken from the state car by the crown jeweller, whose Mark Appleby on the crowd having Bean, accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel Michael Vernon, was controller of the Lord Chamberlain's office charge of so many of the important functions in the year in the Palace in Buckingham Palace.

  • Relatively new to this post, I succeeded Calandra Ford, so being presented with the Imperial State crown by the Angela, this crown only seen they rarely at the state opening of Parliament on that coronations.

  • So it's a It's a rare sight indeed.

  • Unless, of course, you're a regular visitor to the Tower of London, and you can see it on display there.

  • Let's be brought to the Palace of Westminster today to be part off this important ceremony and then two other items of royal regalia being brought the cap of maintenance being brought by Alexander Scully, who's the deputy comptroller off the Lord Chamberlain's office under Sword of State, which we can just get a himself there in, brought by Admiral Sir George Sam Belus, who is the gentleman usher to sort of state.

  • What are these symbols?

  • Well, they are simply symbols off the sovereign's authority.

  • Ancient symbols, the cup of maintenance, traditionally a cap given by the pope to those monarchs that he favored.

  • How times have changed on Booth sort of state, which goes back to the rain off King James Eso.

  • It's been used that coronations and state openings for several centuries being taken into the regalia room, as it's called the foot of the tower, where it will be just prepared for the presentation itself in the Royal Gallery.

  • Because what happens is that these symbols off the sovereign's power are put on display as they would have seen in previous years.

  • They have been carried through the streets s so that people could see these symbols of power.

  • Well, today is the equivalent of that is that they're put on display in the Royal gallery itself, where people can see them.

This is where the queen will arrive in short.


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女王的演講。女王的王冠抵達威斯敏斯特宮 BBC News (Queen's Speech: Queen's crown arrives in Palace of Westminster BBC News)

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