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  • I've been spotted. This game is the hardest shooting game I've ever played.

  • Look, Gollum 3000 has been banned by Battleye.

  • Just shows you how much cheating is going on in this game.

  • The guy I'm gonna meet, he's been creating cheats for a few years now.

  • I'm interested to see what he's got to say about this community.

  • Cheat hackers out there and growing problem of cheating, he says.

  • It just adds to the fun of the game for in.

  • But what about the millions of other people play online?

  • You don't.

  • You could You could get in some serious trouble.

  • Yeah, if you resulting decides to go after you because of copyright infringement, your you're in for a tough time.

  • In fact, four Chinese hackers, just like him were recently arrested for allegedly creating and selling cheats.

  • Police say they made $140,000 before being arrested.

  • This teenage hacker will call him Lucas Runda, smaller operation from the Netherlands, his business consisting make almost £1500 a week and his customer base is growing.

  • I know quite some customers that actually are like in the top ranks by using a product.

  • Some of the top ranked global players on this game.

  • Usual cheats?

  • Yes.

  • Finally, there are even a few people that use it in like proper tournaments.

  • Lucas.

  • The sheets are currently undetected that players using other hacks have been caught red handed watches.

  • This e sports star tries to delete the evidence during a live high profile tournament.

  • He was banned and sacked by his E sports team.

  • Can we see what your cheats condemn?

  • Yeah, sure.

  • First time I really made a cheat.

  • Else like, man, this is awesome.

  • I want to do this more.

  • It was only a whole bit the donor rely such that I could make a lot of money on it because it's the only job I have a woman.

  • Oh, look at that.

  • So already, Aiken loaded up and I can see much further.

  • I could now shoot completely in one spot without any recoil on.

  • When I shoot someone, it hurts them a lot more.

  • This is a completely different game now.

  • Yeah, they're almost completed.

  • It?

  • Yeah.

  • So shall we play online now?

  • We're not ruining anyone's game.

  • But now we're about Teoh cheating and gaming is almost as old as gaining itself.

  • But things have changed a lot since the early days.

  • Back then, a few cheat codes would affect a single player or maybe a group of mates.

  • Arguably, it all started with the eighties classic Radius, the legendary Konami code.

  • Up, up, down, down, etcetera was a secret sequence installed by the developer to make it easier for him to complete the game.

  • But soon word got out on the cheating began.

  • Now gaming is online, it's global, and it's highly competitive in a lot of people are saying that cheating has got out of control.

  • Baby Leaf is a gaming streamer, she says.

  • The cheats are spoiling the fun for millions for them and maybe a little bit of fun, like a I won the round, but everyone else they didn't get special, not gay.

  • My old like games can last upto half an hour.

  • That's how Hafner of game time that they have been wasted, just put the time in it so much more rewarding.

  • And it's not just gamers.

  • This is affecting For game makers.

  • Cheating is one of the biggest problems in the industry.

  • It's very frustrating that the people who were cheating or taking development resource is a way that could be used for Ubisoft.

  • The makers of this game say they're committed to tackling the issue and you several tools to detect cheaters.

  • Going off the individual cheek creators, though, is difficult.

  • The makers of Pokemon go recently got a cheek company shut down by filing a lawsuit for intellectual property.

  • The way the cheat industry is moving is making it even harder to police cheek to being sold in encrypted chat forums on platforms like discord.

  • We were shown four separate communities with hundreds of members in each.

  • They're all well organized and work hard to stay undetected.

  • So when out playing online with nine strangers, Yes, we got him.

  • Uh, I just saw someone through the Senate floor and the floor because I could see them.

  • Yes, that is No, no, really, isn't It's easy.

  • Yeah, it really is.

  • Does that take the fun out of it?

  • No.

  • How do you feel about people using your cheats in actual tournaments where there's prize money and a lot of a lot at stake?

  • Obviously we don't condone it, but we're not gonna be like a You cannot do that.

  • Lucas says he has no plans to stop making cheats.

  • In fact, him and his team want to expand into other games on as long as the customers keep coming and the games makers do nothing his business on many others will keep on growing.

I've been spotted. This game is the hardest shooting game I've ever played.


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作弊的黑客 "毀了 "別人的遊戲 - BBC News (The cheat hackers 'ruining' gaming for others - BBC News)

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