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  • in the movies.

  • Mass surveillance in bodies, Government overreach.

  • But now surveillance for the good of public health has arrived in the form of contact tracing APS.

  • Digital contact Tracing tools offer the opportunity to trust larger numbers off contacts in a shorter period of time.

  • These creative innovation may be just what the government needs to aid in efforts off contact.

  • Tracing one up can, even some cash you could bring your Let's L.

  • Bean are right down into guns.

  • But things go.

  • So far, we've seen essentially governments exploit the spread of a public health crisis toe, basically accelerate the erosion of civil liberties and privacy.

  • An investigation by Amnesty International Security Lab revealed serious privacy and security concerns.

  • Some countries, APS state argues meeting so sensitive requires an enormous amount of delusions over the authorities to make sure that he's being used appropriately on the ones most concerning from a human rights perspective.

  • Wait no way.

  • Norman Amnesties Investigation found a number of issues with technology and design choices off some.

  • Perhaps the most troubling thing, I suppose, is the extent to which day zap start collecting information about people's in people's movements that might extend beyond what seemed to be strictly necessary.

  • Some of the EPS are essentially able to live stream to a very high accuracy.

  • The location in GPS coordinates off the device and therefore off the person and people's, you know, essentially daily lives.

  • Amnesty carried out a detailed technical analysis of 11 APS, mainly in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

  • The app from from Bahrain yet from Kuwait and including also yet from Norway, all seemed to show some properties that were concerning from a privacy perspective from a human rights perspective.

  • And the bottom line is that all three do conduct that that aggressive location tracking many contact tracing APs.

  • Just use Bluetooth to help keep track of who you've been close to.

  • But tracking people's movements using GPS as well, like Euh Slotnick on Norway, Smith will stop.

  • Abstain can be more revealing.

  • Data is being collected from these ABS are able to see where you are when you are, and potentially, you know, aggregate that data from matters and see where you are with a to any point in time.

  • So it's a very excessive on aggressive measure.

  • Unlike other contact tracing APS anonymous users Bahrain, Kuwait Norway zaps.

  • Think uses two identities through phone or i D.

  • Numbers.

  • Accessing this much data could help these governments track and contain the spread of the disease quickly as part of an effective pandemic response.

  • But there were other issues amnesty found within these abs.

  • For example, some countries have gone for a decentralized approach where contact tracing is processed on the user's phone and personal data remains on the device.

  • But Amnesty say Norway, Bahrain and Kuwait saps automatically load on a mass any collected data to centralized service.

  • A design choice which could place security.

  • We've seen issues update on are being properly handled, which could potentially lead to severe privacy violations of everybody using these abs, especially stores that make it mandatory.

  • Qatar is one country enforcing use of it's a terrorist act by law with heavy fines otherwise.

  • But Amnesty found a weakness that left over a 1,000,000 users data, including the name I D and health status exposed to cyber Attackers.

  • After being alerted by amnesty, the Qatari authorities rushed out an update fixing the floor.

  • Further worries also come from where else the data created by zaps could end up the the most surprising, shared use of this personal data to be found a Bahrain TV's game shape while you to encourage downloads uses are automatically entered into the game show, although they can now one is thing called a random, and it found to be at home and compliant with rules.

  • They could win 1000 Dina and in a documentary for Well, Us in Morocco, Mattila Phone *** on our final bit.

  • Wendelin Oil and Dickinson section for applications.

  • Why together, Kidman care little Bianna, but incentivizing people in this way to use the privacy advocates worried.

  • 71 of the new tactics employed by governments to kind of make their way into people's enter people's pockets.

  • Thes use and covered by the investigation.

  • Raise privacy and human rights concerns, particularly for countries in the Middle East.

  • There's a very long history of the Gulf, no upholding human rights at all.

  • When you equip a repressive state with the means to surveil an entire population, whether it's in the name of public safety or not, you can be certain that it's only going to enhance their means of control and repression to then track down dissidents or anyone that they consider to be a public threat.

  • In a lot of places like the Gulf, that means activists.

  • The biggest concern is whether these APs will outstay their welcome as the pandemic recedes.

  • Historically, there's been no incentive for governments toe limit their overreach into people's privacy on the country.

  • If you take a look at 9 11 and the aftermath of that essentially ushered in a new era of surveillance in the name of protecting citizens and this time is no different.

  • Governments are already looking at uses for these APs outside of pandemic control in Hangzhou, China, authorities are looking into the idea of giving its Citizens health school an idea which for now receive strong pushback from medicines on social media.

  • In no way, you don't have to go to extreme measures to protest against the APP.

  • You could just come right out and say it well, the understand problems happen and they forbid walking.

  • I saw that the fascia.

  • But the people in Bahrain and Kuwait, the experience is very different, the way blacks since the BBC spoke to Norway about Amnesty's findings, the Norwegian government said they have temporarily suspended its Smith stop up and deleted all the data it collected, and a letter to the BBC Norwegian Institute of Public Health said they would be looking at other solutions, like the decentralized Bluetooth Contact Tracy model developed by Google and Apple on being used in Germany and Ireland.

  • Amnesty says the solution is less concerning privacy wise.

  • Cattles Communications Office told the BBC.

  • We are constantly upgrading the platform to protect data privacy and mitigate security risks.

  • Data is strictly restricted to relevant specialist public health teams will be stored only as long as the at and contact tracing program required to.

  • Bahrain and Kuwait did not respond to the BBC's request for comment.

in the movies.


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冠狀病毒。你能信任手機中的聯繫人追蹤應用程序嗎? (Coronavirus: Can you trust the contact tracing app in your phone? - BBC News)

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