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  • in India, there's growing anger of the deaths of a father and son in police custody in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

  • Relatives say the men, who are Christians, were beaten and tortured after arrest, accused of violating a curfew imposed due to the Corona virus pandemic.

  • Allegations of police brutality against minorities aren't new, but following the killing in America of George Floyd, some Indians say it's time to take a stand.

  • This report from our South Asia correspondent Regina Vaidyanathan, contains distressing images from the beginning, heavy handed tactics his officers enforce the country's corona virus curfew.

  • Police brutality is a fact of life in India, the poorest and most vulnerable usually the targets Father and some.

  • Jr Rajan Ben ICS, died this week.

  • They were arrested after officers claimed their mobile phone shop was open beyond the evening curfew.

  • A family says they were brutally tortured in custody.

  • Two officers have been suspended, but no arrests have been made.

  • Theo at the station, so many police officers hit him.

  • My brother was so badly beaten, he was unrecognizable.

  • Hundreds gathered for their funeral Christians in a Hindu majority country.

  • It's religious minorities who were often the victim of police violence.

  • They have bean some local protests over these latest deaths, but no national outrage like America saw after the killing of George Floyd.

  • It in 2019 alone around five people a day died in custody in the country.

  • In India, like America, the police is accused of bias.

  • A national survey of more than 12,000 officers found that half feel Muslims and naturally prone to committing crimes.

  • In February, as riots broke out between Hindus and Muslims in the capital, Delhi, police were accused of profiling.

  • 23 year old Faison was viciously beaten by offices in this video he's seen with four other Muslim men as police forced them to sing the national anthem to prove their Indian bloody and unconscious.

  • Faison died two days later, four months on.

  • No arrests have been made.

  • Delhi police told the BBC the case is being investigated by a special team in a nonpartisan manner, but it's Faison's mother awaits justice.

  • She's frustrated his death didn't start a mass movement like in America.

  • There's no outcry because he was a Muslim.

  • Muslims are scared in India.

  • No Hindus are ready to stand up or fight for us in America.

  • People stood up for minorities.

  • We took the brutal death of George Floyd to spark change in America.

  • What will it take for India to do the same?

  • We Geneive idea?

  • Alvin BBC News.

in India, there's growing anger of the deaths of a father and son in police custody in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.


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印度父子在警方拘留期間死亡的憤怒 - BBC News (Anger in India over deaths of father and son in police custody - BBC News)

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