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  • members off the Chinese legislature, the National People's Congress have overwhelmingly endorsed sweeping and controversial new security laws for Hong Kong.

  • The bill, which now passes to China's senior leadership, has caused deep concern among those who say it could end Hong Kong's unique status.

  • Here's a look at what the law will do.

  • Firstly, it will criminalize conduct in Hong Kong that harms national security, a measure of pro democracy campaigners fear could be used to target them.

  • It permits China's national intelligence agencies to set up offices in Hong Kong to oversee its enforcement.

  • Beijing will also be able to place the measure into the Basic Law.

  • That's the mini constitution on how Hong Kong is run, effectively bypassing the territory's own lawmakers.

  • Leizhou, a member of the Chinese Communist Party's Standing Committee, welcomed the law at the closing ceremony off the National People's Congress This'll meeting deliberates and approved a draft decision of the National People's Congress for establishing a legal system on enforcement mechanisms, the Home Kong to safeguard national security.

  • This is a major move to practice.

  • One country, two systems on is also in line with China's constitution and the Basic Law of Hong Kong.

  • It also aligns with the fundamental interests of people in mainland China as well as Hong Kong residents.

  • Well, our correspondent Steve McDonald said it was no surprise the National People's Congress overwhelmingly approved the legislation.

  • Look, it's a rubber stamp session.

  • There was never going to be any resisting this at the National People's Congress.

  • But even so, 2787 in favour and only one against with six abstentions.

  • Who's quite something, However?

  • What it means, though, is that this bill now goes to the next stage, which is that the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress works out the details of the law and rights it up, and it could actually I will come into effect for the end of the year.

  • Now, what's not clear is exactly what types of speech or exactly what actions might constitute treason.

  • Under this new law, there are some concerns that even calling for Hong Kong independence could be seen as secession, so these crimes like trees and or secession, they are serious, and at the moment people are being charged activists with writing and assembly charges and to tell the truth, not that many people have actually been punished under that process, although 7000 more than 7000 have been charged over the last year under this new law, well, these crimes like trees and that could mean decades in prison.

  • And so this is why there's been a lot of concern in on call amongst the pro democracy camp that it could be eroding the city's freedoms.

  • Of course, those who defend the build, I would say that the protests have gone to file of into destructive, and something had to be done to try and rein in this movement.

  • Stephen McDonnell.

  • Let's cross Live night to Hong Kong and speak to our correspondent Martin.

  • Yet Martin tell us more about the reaction off.

  • Those pro democracy protesters toe what's been happening at the National People's Congress.

  • Do they feel now that their efforts over the last a year or so have been in vain?

  • To some extent, do they feel that Hong Kong status is changing permanently?

  • While the answer to this question would actually be something that we still have to wait to see the reason saying so it's that we have seen rather Valence crashes in the past couple of days and over the past weekend, literally.

  • After this, You in Beijing was announced in the previous weekend, but then they've seen this sort of venting their anger already.

  • They've been talking about this.

  • What you just mentioned, that the demise off off popularity in Hong Kong as well as the one country, two systems.

  • But the chicken game changing probably would be developments in the United States.

  • Well, you have the secretary or our state upon Pale reporting to the Congress that they are not seeing Hong Kong as having autonomy animal.

  • And that might trigger some sorts off response, at least from Washington, D.

  • C.

  • On that would be more diplomatic conversation between Beijing and Washington, which and there was some people in some sort of speculation at this stage.

  • But that doesn't mean they're not angry at tour.

  • And that's why we saw what we saw yesterday.

  • The conscious in the street between the protesters Andi on riot police, while also at the same time we have are the groups voicing concert just after this last name past.

  • Like I'm just reading this report from what the local broadcaster RTHK is.

  • The people from the arts industry voicing concern on this throw keys off law to be imposed by Beijing.

  • They're raising scenarios like if somebody goes to a concert and somebody sang a song that best lyrics that are seen as subversive with those audience members of audience being ended up being charged with the same charge.

  • So there's so many questions to be answered from Beijing from the Hong Kong government to satisfy Kibo's worries.

  • Okay, Martin, thank you very much.

  • More than yep, in Hong Kong.

members off the Chinese legislature, the National People's Congress have overwhelmingly endorsed sweeping and controversial new security laws for Hong Kong.


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香港保全法案獲中國議會支持 - BBC新聞網 (Hong Kong security bill backed by China's parliament - BBC News)

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