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  • now the chancellor Rishi Soon ACS says the government will announce in the coming week whether the two meter social distancing rule will be relaxed in England.

  • Boris Johnson has been facing increasing pressure from his own backbenches on the hospitality industry to ease restrictions to help businesses.

  • But the government scientific advisers say that being one meter apart carries up to 10 times more risk than being separated by two meters one in the last 24 hours.

  • 128 deaths linked to Cove in 19 have been recorded in the UK and that takes the total number of people reported to have died from Corona virus toe 42,589.

  • Our political correspondent Layla Nath, who has the very latest When will the next points be pulled in this pub in York?

  • It needs to be safe.

  • Profitable on inviting a tall order under current restrictions were a small historic streak on the pub.

  • Lots of pinch points, narrow corridors.

  • We're gonna struggle with any sort of social distancing measures.

  • For that reason, really, one meter might work to definitely want we were hoping to hear yesterday.

  • We need some concrete gardens about what is expected office.

  • His licensees two weeks today is the earliest that pubs will be allowed to reopen.

  • The government has been alive to their concerns for some time.

  • A review of the two meter rule is underway.

  • Ministers now say a conclusion is coming soon.

  • Thea Outcome of that review will be announced this week.

  • Obviously, that's something that will make an enormous difference.

  • I think too many businesses who are keen to see a change.

  • Obviously we need to go through that review.

  • But I'm very understanding of the cause for action on that, particularly for the hospitality industry for our pubs, for our restaurants are keen to see if there's some changes could be made.

  • But the future of the two meter rule is crucial for schools to a relaxation would allow more Children into classrooms.

  • As Northern Ireland is planning, the U.

  • K's chief medical officers have now downgraded the covert alert level, opening the way to further easing.

  • We're in a situation where we have a virus that is, you know is still circulating.

  • This is keep so in terms of it being cell, if I would say no, relax, age measure is 100% safe.

  • But of course we are in a phase where we can cautiously start to relax.

  • Measure whether to relax the two meter rule is a key decision for the government and one that's being a pressure point for some time.

  • It's about balancing the scientific advice on the best way to keep Corona virus at bay with the impact of those measures on the economy.

  • While the direction of travel does now seem clear, some Tory M P's say ministers haven't acted fast enough.

  • If we don't get the economy moving now, which is why the to toe one meters so critical, then we will see companies simply calling the day and putting people onto unemployment.

  • And that will change massively and I don't want that happens.

  • It will be a while before pubs looked like this again, but they and many other businesses hope they'll at least have the chance to start down that road later.

  • Nathu BBC News The Spanish foreign minister has told the BBC that British citizens will be allowed to visit the country from tomorrow without the need to self isolate for two weeks on arrival on business correspondent Katy press corps is here.

  • What about Spanish citizens coming here?

  • Well, that's is that question.

  • This brings Spain into line with other countries like Italy and Greece.

  • But for the British people who made 18 million trips a year to Spain, they want to know exactly that.

  • What will happen when they come back to the UK?

  • We are expecting some sort of announcement on that from the UK government on the 29th of June, which is when a review is due into these quarantine rules.

  • On when that happens, there should be some sort of announcement on reciprocal arrangements with countries such as Spain, and they're going to take into account not only covert levels but also the amount of trips that Brits take.

  • And so the expectation is given how many of us like to go to Spain that that will be among the European short haul destinations that we have the reciprocal arrangement with.

  • Okay, Katie.

  • Many thanks.

now the chancellor Rishi Soon ACS says the government will announce in the coming week whether the two meter social distancing rule will be relaxed in England.


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政府暗示將放寬2米距離的規定 - BBC News (Government hints at relaxing 2 metre distancing rule - BBC News)

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