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  • guest column in the office on the adult.

  • Okay.

  • No.

  • Chronic.

  • Like more people.

  • You gotta get it was against on plastic Later.

  • Go to the mechanic booth.

  • Right way.

  • We do not want anyone to remain hungry.

  • What's taking us this?

  • We're looking at both cash transfer as one set off measures and another set off measures will be food security related.

  • Com Malini.

  • Doc, I'm going to cut a problem.

  • Two year.

  • Katherine, you should leave other.

  • There are many deliveries laborers who will not find what you know.

  • Other than having an economic impact, it will also have.

  • I mean, there is a huge social impact that will happen here.

guest column in the office on the adult.


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鎖定的印度工人逃離城市的鬥爭 - BBC News (Locked down India struggles as workers flee cities - BBC News)

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