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  • its response to the Corona virus pandemic, has won praise across Europe and on Monday, Germany has started to ease the restrictions aimed containing the virus.

  • Some small shops and schools have reopened, as have some car plant production.

  • Facilities.

  • Authority said last week that the outbreak was under control and even more testing was made available.

  • Germany has the fifth highest covered 19 caseload in the world at nearly 146,000 but has kept fatalities down to a relatively low 4600 in a population of 83 million.

  • Now it's up to Germany's 16 states.

  • To implement the easing of restrictions, Albelin corresponded Jenny.

  • He'll explain what's happening there.

  • There are some regional differences.

  • Each of the 16 German states gets to implement those measures in the best way they see fit.

  • So, for example, here in Berlin, shops actually haven't opened today.

  • That's due to happen later in the week, but I've just been watching some TV pictures off a school here, headmistress, wearing a facemask, opening the door to let one pupil in at a time into a hall where there to sit their exams on at a safe space from one another.

  • So some schools opening to some pupils simply for exams here in Berlin on it is a cautious start, and I think it's important to say that in tandem with the relax ation of these measures, the authorities have said that they have beefed up their testing capacity.

  • They can now run 730,000 tests a week.

  • They're also strongly recommending that people wear face masks in shops and on public transport.

  • In fact, some states are making that mandatory on their also continuing to aggressively contact trace to make sure that as soon as they know of a person who's infected, they make sure to find out who else that person has come into contact with.

  • So they can then be tested to avoid any outbreak from spreading further.

  • So it is a very cautious start.

  • No, quite enough Wrangler.

  • Merkel, reportedly she said to him this morning, told see you know members of her CDU party that she's rather worried that the focus is all about the relax ation when in her view, really, the focus should be on the continuing risk on the necessity to really focus on making sure that the infection doesn't spread further.

  • Well, Jenny, we're looking at some images off people shopping and out in about some wearing masks, some not.

  • I mean, it's interesting.

  • As we said earlier, Germany has won praise across Europe for the way in which it has handled this outbreak.

  • Why do you think it has Bean, as I suppose, successful as it has been compared to other European countries?

  • Well, scientists here, Onda broad point to a number of factors.

  • First of all, Germany tested a lot of people and it tested them very early on.

  • It had a lot of testing capacity quite quickly on DSO.

  • A lot of people who were first infected got tested early before the symptoms became particularly advanced and so they were quickly recovering before they could passed on to other people.

  • They were contact tracing very quickly to I think it's fair to say that Germany has had some luck as well.

  • The way in which this virus entered the country meant that initially, really, it was younger, fitter people who were becoming infected.

  • Onda scientists point, for example, to a lot of people who contracted the virus while they were skiing in Italy and Austria and then brought it back to Germany.

  • With, UM, that means that the average age of an infected person in Germany is still only 49 Onda.

  • That has implications, of course, for how sick those people get.

  • The death rates has Bean given a lot of attention internationally to here, it is much lower than other places.

  • But as every expert here predicted from the beginning, it is starting to rise because the infection has now spread Teoh elderly people's care, homes and hospitals so more vulnerable sections of society are falling ill andan.

  • Fortunately, they they are more likely to suffer and die from from the virus on.

  • So it is a changing picture.

its response to the Corona virus pandemic, has won praise across Europe and on Monday, Germany has started to ease the restrictions aimed containing the virus.


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德國放寬對商店的冠狀病毒限制 - BBC News (Germany eases coronavirus restrictions on shops - BBC News)

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