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  • Iran's supreme leader has called for unity following protests over the accidental shooting down of a passenger plane leading Friday prayers in Tehran for the first time in eight years.

  • Ayatollah Ali Khamenei described the destruction of the Ukrainian airliner as tragic, and he offered his condolences to the families of the 176 people who died well.

  • There were anti American chance in the crowd.

  • The supreme leader defended the country's armed forces, saying the revolution regard the elite unit responsible for the disaster, maintained the security off the country.

  • With me is Custer Energy for the BBC's Persian service and Custer Interesting there.

  • That the supreme leader is defending the military has predictably what's expressing sympathy for what's happened.

  • Obviously that was his aim today basically to defend the regime at the time when he's coming under a lot of pressure, his rule, the government, the revolutionary guards that people are calling for him to step down on the streets of Iran, they calling Revolutionary Guards murderers.

  • So he was out there to defend that Onda and urge unity and push for the same policies that has been following.

  • He offered condolences to the families off those people who died at the plane crash, but no apologies on, in spite of the fact that for the last few days, when we knew that he was coming to the deliver the sermons at the Friday prayers, that he should provide some kind of apology.

  • None of that I need any struck, obviously a very defiant tone and anti American tone.

  • Again, as you might expect, as you might expect, nothing new there on the same thing with the European powers to he attacked them.

  • He criticized them, calling them enemies s so many people.

  • I talked to commentators and also the social media reaction to his speech today it seems to me that he didn't really offer anything new on the domestic front.

  • Let's just have a quick listen to some of what was said today if you have a young.

  • Over the past few days, a great and brave Iranian leader and an Iraqi fighter known for his spirit, off sacrifice and loyalty were martyred by American military missiles and on orders from the terrorist US President.

  • This crime was not committed during the confrontation Butel, but took place in a despicable and cowardly manner through a missile attack, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards destroyed the American based on crush the arrogance and haughtiness off that unjust state.

  • It should now leave the region as the ultimate punishment.

  • Um, a short part of what was said today.

  • I mean, he has not spoken in this form for some eight years.

  • How significant is this?

  • Obviously the spotlight is on Iran now.

  • This was the bit of his sermon that he delivered in Arabic eight years ago.

  • He did the same thing.

  • He delivered part of his sermon in Arabic those days.

  • It was at the height of the Arab spring, and he wanted to projected as an Islamic awakening on he came off for this Arabic language sermon today.

  • He wanted to project power in the Arab and the Islamic world in Arabic, saying that we did this.

  • We attack the U.

  • S.

  • Basis on his message to the region.

  • These days, it seems to be everyone to try and put all the efforts behind driving the US out of the region.

  • It seems to be that after the killing, of course, and certainly money, this is his policy in the region.

  • He wants Iran's allies Arab world forces, political parties, everyone who listens to Iran to try to drive the US out of the region.

  • And that was the message that he projected top words.

  • But it does.

  • Does it look as though immediate conflict is now less likely?

  • It seems that way.

  • The temperature has come down massively, Vizzavi the Americans on the chances of war.

  • But internally, I don't think he has managed to shore up his a shaky government that much faster.

  • Naughty, Thank you very much indeed.

Iran's supreme leader has called for unity following protests over the accidental shooting down of a passenger plane leading Friday prayers in Tehran for the first time in eight years.


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伊朗空難。哈梅內伊在罕見的講話中為武裝部隊辯護 - BBC News (Iran plane crash: Khamenei defends armed forces in rare address - BBC News)

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