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  • right.

  • This is what a family re union looks like under lock down, the way so many of us have been keeping in touch with each other.

  • Just don't make sense to everyone zooming on talking, I bet for most residents will go Alzheimer or dementia.

  • And what stays or not are just too difficult.

  • They don't all understand.

  • It's a real time, is life.

  • It's a person that talking to only I bet I think it's a picture or movie so they don't response for.

  • So for me, being able to really see her is the way she walks, just just her whole body and about her body language is is incredible.

  • Everybody prefers to really see and touch and feel and hug your mom, but it's better than, uh, then nothing.

  • But how do you explain to an 85 year old woman with dementia who just lost her husband and went into a nursing home two weeks before lock down that the whole world has changed, not just hers go.

  • It's happier that ice come see them, but it is a strange world for so I have mean always very happy.

  • And no, I'm a bit less.



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冠狀病毒。荷蘭護理院讓家人在玻璃艙裡團聚 - BBC新聞網 (Coronavirus: Dutch care home reunites families in a glass pod - BBC News)

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