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  • only the fourth to win the prize twice on there, too.

  • Victor's If you like congratulating each other, they're Bernadin.

  • Either of us expected to win this on.

  • Um, I'm very happy that you, you know, way both got curling hair.

  • So I'm I'm very surprised.

  • I would have thought that I would be.

  • Would have been two elderly.

  • Oh, and I kind of don't need, um, the attention.

  • So I'm very glad that the you're getting some Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • Yes, that makes me happy.

  • It would have been quite embarrassing for May.

  • A good Canadian this week.

  • We don't do famous.

  • We think it's in bad taste.

  • Thing is incredible is so incredible to share this with Margaret Atwood, who is such a legend on dso generous.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Yeah, this is incredible.

  • I You know, I suppose a lot of people say this.

  • I never thought it would happen to me.

  • And I will say that I am the first black woman to win this prize on on.

  • I hope this.

  • You know, I hope that honor doesn't last too long.

  • I hope that other people come forwards now.

  • Thank you for the judges, of course.

  • Phenomenal.

  • You know, one man for women made a difference, I think, to women of color that made history.

  • So thank you so much to the Booker Prize for this and absolutely delighted to share it with the legend that is Margaret Atwood's.

only the fourth to win the prize twice on there, too.


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阿特伍德和埃瓦里斯託分享了布克獎 - BBC News (Booker Prize shared by Atwood and Evaristo - BBC News)

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