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  • Let's update you on other parts of the world in regards to Corona virus.

  • First, let's start with Yemen.

  • There are reports of a dramatic rise in the number of people dying with Corona virus like symptoms in the southern city off Aidan, quoting official figures, Save the Children says that there have been a least 380 deaths in the past week, according to the charity.

  • Some health professionals lacking personal protective equipment.

  • We're refusing to go toe work.

  • Several hospitals have closed and people are dying because they can't get treatment.

  • Turning now to New Zealand, where people have been getting a sense of what it's like to get back to business as lock down there is lifted, thousands of firms have reopened, with shops and restaurants welcoming customers for the first time since March.

  • Well, although the risk of transmission is now said to be very small, people are still being urged to follow strict social distancing rules.

  • While while New Zealand has been praised for its decisive action on Corona virus, the government is facing criticism over a new law which gives police greater powers to arrest those breaking social distancing rules.

  • Here's a briny sound.

  • The law was rushed through on Wednesday before the restrictions were eased around the country.

  • And what it means is that these lockdowns the quarantines police giving fines for flouting social distancing rules, those that can continue.

  • But with Maury's now the biggest thing and the biggest changes that police will be out into people's homes if they have significant reason or grounds to believe that people are breaking the rules now.

  • What that means in practice is that if you're having a party or there's loud music, you can probably expect police at your door without an arrest warrant.

  • The other big thing is that the health minister can now effectively designate any government employees and enforcement officer, which means they can go into businesses and chick that businesses, too, are complying with these social distancing rules.

  • And if not, they could be shut down, too.

  • There's been a lot of criticism.

  • Many believed that this infringes on people's civil liberties.

  • The opposition's has called it a step too far.

  • Amnesty International also has urged the government to room look at this law and to review it in the coming weeks.

  • The government, though it's defended this legislation.

  • It says that New Zealand is facing unusual times that this is urgently needed to fight covert 19 and was necessary to be able to lift the restrictions around the country and also given the power to ramp up its response should be there be any more cases that come to light in the in the next few months.

  • And in Vineland school Children have returned to their classrooms after eight weeks of lock down.

  • Strict social distancing rules are in place with staggered break times.

  • Finland has recorded 284 deaths, more than 6000 infections lower.

  • Then it's normal neighboring Nordic countries.

  • And now let's turn to France, which has announced of $19 billion package to support the tourism industry over the coming years.

  • With 95% of hotels closed, the government says it will extends the current furlough scheme until at least the end of September.

  • The government has promised French people that they'll still be able to go on holiday in France over the summer on what do you make of this attempt to maintain social distancing?

  • This is in a cafe in Germany, just outside Hamburg.

  • The cafe owners are asking customers to wear swimming noodles on their heads.

  • This was posted on the cafe's Facebook page.

  • Give me for practical idea.

  • Let us know what hashtag is.

  • BBC s I'm at BBC cash in Madeira.

Let's update you on other parts of the world in regards to Corona virus.


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冠狀病毒。紐西蘭封鎖緩解,企業重新開放 - BBC新聞報道 (Coronavirus: New Zealand lockdown eased as businesses reopen - BBC News)

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