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  • Bloomberg play has felt when it goes night more.

  • Joe Biden New reality facing Bernie Sanders The way the president, I didn't come here to go, is likely.

  • Spent the night in the casino and spent a ton of money on blackjack.

  • Spent a ton of money on roulette.

  • Failed with every single one on the way out.

  • He got a couple of quarters out of the slot machines from American Samoa on somebody saying that would validate his parking has been a terrible night for Bloomberg.

  • His strategy has failed.

  • It's hard to see a viable force from here, despite him saying he will battle on.

  • It's been a very good start on Tuesday for Job.

  • I know he didn't say it is early names, and he joked about the fact that there is still too little states that we haven't heard from the referring court to Texas and California polls just closing in California.

  • Still, postal vote counts really event of the unity of the moderates that Afghanis time Joe Biden and his campaign to and taking on a whole release of life way are going to defeat.

  • Trump knew that at some point they would be up against one candidate would represent moderate votes for the Democratic Party.

  • They knew that the elders coalesce around him.

  • It was probably going to be Joe, but what they weren't expecting that it would happen, Son, quickly on happens tonight on Super Tuesday.

  • So this is the new reality facing Bernie Sanders and his campaign.

  • Joe Biden is now the man they must beat to get to the White House.

  • I'm not looking increasingly difficult.

Bloomberg play has felt when it goes night more.


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超級星期二的結果。三巨頭下一步怎麼辦?- BBC新聞 (Super Tuesday results: What next for the big three? - BBC News)

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