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  • Corona virus has hit the most deprived parts of England and Wales twice as hard as wealthier areas, according to official figures.

  • Urban regions, which are more densely populated, were also worse affected than rural areas.

  • Meanwhile, in the last 24 hour period, the number of deaths reported in the UK in hospitals, care homes and the wider community related to Corona virus were up by 202 bringing the total number of deaths to 41,481.

  • Health editor Hugh Pin reports big cities with big populations.

  • The virus spread fast with a higher risk of deaths.

  • One message underlined by today's new data.

  • Richard Moussa worked as a nurse in London for 26 years.

  • He died in hospital with Cove in 19 and his family couldn't give him a final farewell.

  • Clomid and the rules around it made it extremely difficult for us is a family, Andi.

  • It added to our grief, so it felt like grief upon grief that we couldn't see him.

  • We couldn't be near him.

  • We couldn't see him before he was buried.

  • All of the things back, we would have wanted to do that proper could buy.

  • We went in.

  • I thought, between 18.

  • It's really, really difficult.

  • The northeast of England has been hit hard by Corona virus following the peak in April.

  • The number of deaths fell across the country last month, but slower in this region than elsewhere on local health.

  • Experts say there were a number of factors as a GP in in a city Newcastle.

  • We have large numbers of people living with long term conditions or chronic diseases, and the ones that we see a lot off include chest diseases.

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is very common on that clearly puts you at greater risk if you were to catch the virus.

  • Figures out today for England and Wales show a range of death rates linked to Cove in 19 between March and May, their adjusted for differing age profiles in each area.

  • In England, in the northeast, the figure was just over 97 per 100,000 of population.

  • In London, the highest, it was 137 per 100,000 of population, and the lowest in England was the southwest, with just over 41 in Wales, the highest area once again a big city was Cardiff at 125 per 100,000 deaths.

  • Wales as a whole at 67 was below England.

  • The figures show death rates in the most deprived areas were a lot higher than in the wealthiest parts of the country in England, more than twice as high.

  • There is a higher death rate from covert amongst people who, for example, working on the skilled labor on it's quite likely that there are higher proportions of people in those in that nature work in deprived areas.

  • Similarly, we know that actually, if you're in a an area of high population density, it's harder to do your social distancing effectively and many of the deprived areas that we're looking out our areas of high population density.

  • The medical director for NHS England acknowledged these were challenging issues.

  • Those things that you are more likely to do badly when you get the infection like diabetes, like obesity, like heart and lung disease, we see more frequently in more deprived areas of the country.

  • In Scotland and Northern Ireland, there are no comparable figures for death rates adjusted for age demographics.

  • There'll be a lot more research on health inequalities prevalence among BME communities on underlying conditions.

  • Today's figures due out a bit more to an understanding of the impact of Corona virus.

  • Q pid BBC news from Monday face coverings will be mandatory on public transport in England.

  • Transport operators will be able to refuse permission to travel to those who are not wearing a face covering, and it could lead to fines.

  • The Transport secretary Grant Chaps, confirmed that new volunteers called journey makers will be deployed to remind people.

  • Scotland's first minister, Nicolas Sturgeon, has insisted that a program to test care workers four Corona virus is accelerating.

  • So far, just over 1/3 have been tested.

  • That's despite a promise last month that all care home staff would get a weekly test.

  • Our Scotland editor, Sarah Smith, reports.

  • Okay, I'm just gonna teach you upside.

  • All staff working in every care home in Scotland are supposed to be tested for Corona virus every week.

  • A big promise.

  • The big problem is that nearly four weeks after that commitment was made, only around 1/3 of staff have been tested even once at this home in Dumfries and Galloway, they've had no confirmed cases, but they've also been unable to get hold of the tests.

  • I think it would have been beneficial for us to being tested earlier.

  • It was kinda put us all, maybe a bit more to ease and were further down.

  • The lane now haven't been closed since March.

  • It's quite skinny.

  • Think on that.

  • If somebody comes spot where positive taste that will have a huge impact on the room.

  • Across the whole of Dumfries and Galloway, only four care homes staff were tested in the first week of this month.

  • Of all the people in Scotland who have died of covert 1947% of them have been in care homes.

  • That's more than have died in hospital on the government know that without visitors its staff, who posed the greatest risk for bringing the virus into homes.

  • That's why they want to test them all every week.

  • But it's a target they have yet to meet.

  • The charity that runs this home say they've only been able to get 5% of their Scottish staff tested, compared to 90% in their homes in England.

  • I welcome the commitment to weekly testing because that is a commitment That hasn't happened in England.

  • But the reality has to catch up with the government position.

  • The first minister will not set a date for when the government might reach the testing gold.

  • Why is the commitment to test old care home stuff not being met, even though it's over three weeks since it was first made?

  • And when will that promise be fulfilled?

  • It does take time to put in place a program off testing that number of people in place and health boards have bean doing that.

  • The Hill secretary and I have, I think, given a feeling, direct indication over the last week or so that we think that progress should be accelerating.

  • And that's why the Hell secretary has made that very clear to health boards.

  • On the other side of that is that we've made clear to health boards the Scottish government is there if they need additional resources on support.

  • The Scottish government is working on a deal to cover sick pay for any care.

  • Home workers who do test positive and have to isolate figures for staff testing will not be published every week, intensifying pressure to increase the tests.

Corona virus has hit the most deprived parts of England and Wales twice as hard as wealthier areas, according to official figures.


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