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  • hungry artist?

  • Yes.

  • Do it.

  • Performance hungry artist?

  • Yes.

  • In the same way that as the artist who they were not on the world, he say I'm coming here to either banana.

  • That's my performer.

  • No, it was not arrested.

  • But we has came to leave the boost and to leave the fair.

  • And we have this contact and everything, so way can go.

  • We can go further, But I don't think I don't think way.

hungry artist?


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A2 初級

大衛-達圖納。藝術家在畫廊裡吃下價值12萬的香蕉藝術品 - BBC News (David Datuna: Artist eats $120,000 banana art at gallery - BBC News)

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