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  • Italy, the first country in the world to impose a national locked down to try to control the pandemic, has now lifted some of its toughest restrictions on the day it registered its lowest daily death toll since the lock down began two months ago.

  • But the extent of the social and economic impact of the shutdown is unclear.

  • Our correspondent, Mark Lohan, has the latest A nation that has shed so many tears alone can finally grieve together in Naples today, the first funerals allowed with a maximum of 15 people.

  • As Italy opens up being unable to say good bye all visit Graves has been one of the cruelest losses of the lock down.

  • This'll is a beautiful day as I can visit my son, who died 10 years ago, says Concetta.

  • Thank you to everyone who's made it possible.

  • I can't say anything more.

  • I'm too emotional.

  • As the world's longest shutdown of the pandemic starts to fade, outdoor exercise is now allowed, parks and some businesses are reopening and relatives concede each other again with distance and masks.

  • So finally people can come and visit the family members that they've been stopped from seeing for eight long weeks.

  • But it does present a danger because this train has come in from Milan, in the region of Italy, worst hit by the virus.

  • So with freedom comes hugely increased risk of spreading the outbreak.

  • Keep your distance there warned before everyone fills in a form to explain why they're here.

  • Europe's worst hit country is taking no chances.

  • Olivia De Santis last saw her daughter, who lives in Milan, in January.

  • It's felt like an eternity.

  • Has it been difficult for you not being Yes, you've missed her?

  • Yes, Resisting a motherly urges.

  • Tough normality so near yet so far.

  • How does it feel to see your heart warming?

  • Really?

  • Because I haven't seen her for nearly five months.

  • So So it's very moving.

  • It's been difficult to not to seek not to see her.

  • Yeah, quite quite a lot.

  • Sorry, but the lock down has left deep scars.

  • We were taken by police to one of the roughest areas of one of the EU's poorest regions.

  • The worry here is of organized crime preying on poverty.

  • Carpenter Rafael s says with work stopped, he may have to sell his TV to get by.

  • There's been lots more crime since the lock down, he says.

  • Even kids dealing drugs and stealing cars since they need to eat fighting the Mafia's resurgence.

  • Is this priest under protection, making up boxes of supplies for the needy to stop criminal groups from stepping in Instead, Theme Mafia has always exploited Italy's moments of weakness, and this is one of those moments.

  • They give people help, but then ask for drug dealing or money.

  • In exchange, we have to give citizens the antibodies to defend themselves, to stop the Mafia from reclaiming this territory.

  • A health crisis has become a social one, and this is what other countries to may face as they reopen from a lock down that is stopping the dying but killing the economy.

  • Mark Lowe and BBC News Naples Earlier this year, President Trump praised China's handling of the pandemic, congratulating President Xi on a number of occasions.

  • That's all changed in recent weeks.

  • Mr Trump has accused the Chinese government of failing to deal with the spread of the virus and of organizing a cover up.

  • The result is open hostility between the two countries.

  • Let's join our North America editor John Supple Hugh China may be on the other side of the Corona virus crisis.

  • But America is still deep in the mire on the leaked government.

  • Reports suggest that the death toll, far from flattering, could go a lot hard.

  • But with each rise in the numbers of people who have died, Donald Trump is keener to shift the blame from him to China.

  • What happened in Wuhan didn't stay in Wuhan.

  • A Corona virus, which has affected billions, infected millions and killed hundreds of thousands, is claiming a new casualty.

  • US.

  • China Relations On the American side, there's growing fury about China's secretiveness on, for the moment on unsubstantiated charge that this didn't originate in a wet market in the city but in a government laboratory.

  • Cesaire not the first times that we've had a world exposed to viruses, a result of failures in a Chinese lab on So while the Intelligence Committee continues to do its work, they should continue to do that and verify so that we are certain.

  • I can tell you that there is a significant amount of evidence that this came from that laboratory.

  • In one, the words from America's top diplomat seemed designed to cause maximum offense to the Chinese.

  • The president last night said they'd bring forward evidence at the right time.

  • Lee and my opinion is they made a mistake.

  • They tried to cover it.

  • They tried to put it out.

  • It's like a fire, you know, joy.

  • Like trying to put out a fire.

  • Against the backdrop of the Lincoln Memorial, Donald Trump again raised the potential death toll in the U.

  • S to as many as 100,000.

  • But each time he does that, so it brings fresh scrutiny of his own erratic handling of the crisis.

  • With an election six months away having someone else to blame the Chinese, the World Health Organization has become politically essential.

  • But this is about much more than electoral politics.

  • There is growing unease in the White House that China has become way too powerful on multilateral bodies like the World Health Organization on World Bank.

  • That America needs to reassert itself.

  • The Corona virus pandemic is becoming a defining on some would say deeply unsettling moment in the relationship between the world's two economic superpowers.

  • Last week, stock markets fell sharply on the threat by Donald Trump to take unspecified retaliatory action against the Chinese, but China is giving us good as it gets.

  • We discovered a new virus thinks cartoon lampooning the Americans was posted by the Xinhua News Agency in England.

  • Viruses killing doctors It's here Born.

  • The deterioration in relations has bean rapid.

  • This was Donald Trump in the early stages of the outbreak.

  • It's president.

  • She loves the people of China, He loves his country.

  • And he's doing a very good job with a very, very tough situation.

  • President used to talk extravagantly about his great friend President Xi, about their wonderful relationship.

  • You don't hear much about that now, John so called BBC News Washington.

Italy, the first country in the world to impose a national locked down to try to control the pandemic, has now lifted some of its toughest restrictions on the day it registered its lowest daily death toll since the lock down began two months ago.


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冠狀病毒。 意大利解除限制後,世界上最長的關閉 - BBC News (Coronavirus: Italy lifts restrictions after world’s longest shutdown - BBC News)

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